Service Agreement – 847-836-2111

  • 1. Services. We agree to provide specific services (“Services”) for each of your Pet’s visits. We will exercise reasonable judgment as we provide the Services. 2. Payment for Services. You agree to pay us for the Services we provide to your Pet during each visit at the rates set forth on the “Agreement” collectively (“the Charges”). Prices are subject to change without notice and seasonal rates may apply. Charges begin on the day you leave your Pet at the DTN Studio. You agree to authorize DTN to debit your debit card, credit card or bank account for all services provided, including charging of methods of payment kept on file. If your method of payment is declined or you do not pay your bill in full at Checkout, DTN is required to return your Pet to you at the time of checkout. You understand, however, that you will remain liable for all Charges incurred during your Pet’s stay, including all extended stays and DTN reserves the right to collect any unpaid balance. You agree to be responsible for all collection cost and fees. All services require specified deposit amounts to secure booking, and these are non-refundable. Any remaining balance is due at the start of the first scheduled day of service, and is non-refundable. Any refunds issued are at the discretion of DTN. 3. Natural Disasters. In a natural disaster or public emergency, every effort will be made to contact you or your Agent to retrieve your Pet. You agree that DTN, in its sole discretion, is authorized to transport, and/or to make temporary alternative arrangements to house and care for your Pet until you or your Agent can retrieve the Pet. You understand it may not always be possible to safely evacuate your Pet. 4. Pet Health and Behavior. We reserve the right to refuse to accept a Pet at check-in for any reason, or no reason at all including without limitation; if it appears to us the Pet is sick, injured, in pain, or that its behavior could jeopardize the health or safety of other Pets or our staff. No Pet can stay with us unless the Pet is healthy and we have confirmation from a licensed veterinarian or approved designee that the Pet has received all vaccinations required by DTN. If at any time your Pet is found to have fleas or ticks, we may provide the appropriate flea or tick removal treatment, and you authorize us to provide such service at your additional expense. You represent that; your Pet has not been exposed to rabies, distemper, or parvovirus within 30 days prior to beginning its stay with us. If your Pet has been treated for a contagious illness, we cannot accept your Pet for at least two (2) weeks after treatment has been completed and a statement of health is obtained from a licensed veterinarian. You acknowledge that we may contact appropriate authorities if your Pet bites another Pet or any person. You acknowledge and agree that in the unlikely event your Pet becomes ill or injured, or if your Pet has a pre-existing condition, which is aggravated by its stay, and requires professional attention we will attempt to notify you or your Agent at the telephone numbers you provide. If we cannot reach you or your Agent, DTN in its sole discretion, may engage the services of a veterinarian of DTN’s choice and or administer medicine or give other necessary attention to your Pet, and you authorize us to provide any such service at your additional expense. In cases we believe it to be critical, we may take your Pet to the veterinarian first before trying to contact you. If you refuse medical treatment for your Pet, DTN, in its sole discretion, may engage the services of a veterinarian and or administer medicine to make your Pet as comfortable as possible until picked up by you or your Agent, and you authorize us to provide any such service at your additional expense. If we cannot reach you or your Agent, we will make healthcare decisions for your Pet based on our judgment. 5. Contacts with Other Pets. While your Pet is staying with us, he or she will come into contact with other Pets. Every effort will be made to ensure the safety of all guests by enforcing strict restrictions on Pets as set forth in DTN’s procedures. You acknowledge and agree that in the unlikely event your Pet is injured by another Pet, YOU RELEASE DTN AND ITS AGENTS FROM ANY LIABILITY FOR SUCH INJURY. If your Pet injures another Pet, you will be solely responsible for any injury to the other Pet(s) as well as your own Pet, and YOU RELEASE DTN AND ITS AGENTS FROM ANY LIABILITY FOR SUCH INJURY. You also agree to avoid contact with other animals during training, including dog parks, daycares, kennels, etc. 6. Communicable diseases. All Pets coming into the DTN Studio are required to be vaccinated, unless an Assumption of Risk form is filed and signed by you and your veterinarian. You further represent that all vaccinations are up to date. However, it is still possible for a Pet to become ill, even if vaccinated. You understand this risk and agree that DTN is not liable for any illness suffered by your Pet during or after its stay, including but not limited to Tracheobronchitis (Canine Cough). 7. Your representations to us. You represent to us that you are the owner of the Pet and that you are fully authorized to enter into this Agreement. All of the information about you and your Pet in this Agreement is true, accurate and complete. In a custody dispute, we will exercise reasonable judgment based on the known facts and we may, in our sole discretion, require proof of ownership, a written property settlement agreement or court decree. To the best of your knowledge, your Pet has no illness, injury or behavior problem (including aggressive or biting behavior) that has not been disclosed to us. You agree to indemnify and hold us harmless, from and against all loss, damage or expense, including attorneys’ fees, resulting from misrepresentations by you or your representatives or resulting from your Pet’s stay including, without limitation, any person claiming to be the owner of your Pet and any person claiming damage or injury by your Pet. 8. Reasonable Care. We shall exercise reasonable care to maintain a clean, safe and secure environment while in DTN’s care at any DTN facility or DTN sponsored function. However, you agree while the dog is in DTN’s care including after the dog has been returned to you, and is off of DTN’s premises, DTN cannot and does not accept responsibility of any nature including but not limited to financial, illness, injury, death, sickness or escape of the dog, damage or injury to property, dog or person, caused by the dog or resulting from its behavior or activity. 9. Transportation. You agree that “DTN” is authorized to transport your Pet as needed and agree to hold us harmless for damages or loss of any kind. 10. Unpredictability of animals. Due to the extreme unpredictability of animals, we cannot accept responsibility for the behavior of Pet Owner’s Pets including, but not limited to biting of animals, humans, administering medications to Pet Owners Pet(s), damage to home, furniture or any complications of any kind. Nor can we be liable for injury, disappearance, death or fines due to pet(s) behavior. Pet Owner agrees if Pet Owner allows any other person or service access to Pet Owners home while pet-sitting job is being performed by us, Pet Owner will hold us harmless and we will assume no liability of any kind for damage or losses to Pet Owners home, property or Pet(s). 10. Late Pickup/No Show Policy. Our studio closes at 6:00pm each weekday. You are responsible for picking up your dog by that time. We will allow one penalty-free late pickup provided the dog is picked up by 6:30pm. At 6:30pm, even on first late pickup, we will board your dog in one of our trainers’ homes, and the fee will be $300/night for un-planned boarding. After your first late pickup, a fee of $5/minute will be applied after 6:00pm, and at 6:30pm, you will also be charged the $300/night un-planned boarding fee. If a method of payment is on file, it will be charged at that time. 11. Rescheduling Policy. Our spaces are limited and subject to high demand, and as such are not eligible to be rescheduled after being scheduled. Any decisions to reschedule training will be at the discretion of DTN. Clients who do not attend the first day of their scheduled appointment and do not notify DTN of their plans in writing before 6:00pm on that day will have all remaining days of their training cancelled and will not be eligible to return for any remaining days as DTN will have offered that space to other clients. No refunds or rescheduling will be offered, without exceptions. 12. Miscellaneous Provisions. This written Agreement constitutes our entire and only agreement. There are no oral agreements or understandings except as provided for in this Agreement. This Agreement shall bind us and our assigns and you and your heirs and assigns. The law that applies to the Agreement is the law of the state of Illinois. If there are disputes that result in litigation, the courts of the state of Illinois shall have exclusive jurisdiction. DTN will have exclusive right to choose arbitration to solve disputes and will choose the arbitrator. 13. Transferability. The terms of this agreement are transferable to all services rendered by DTN beyond the conclusion of the initial training term in perpetuity. This includes any other dogs in your household. 14. Likeness. By signing this agreement, you agree to grant DTN the unlimited use of the likeness of you, your family, and your dogs, including names, in promotional materials including social media.
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