Board and Train Boot Camp Programs

Board and Train Boot Camp

Our Boot Camp programs are a wonderful way to incorporate consistent training and practice over a period of time. During the day, your dog will enjoy training sessions and exercise at our Schaumburg studio. Then, when our studio closes for the day, your dog heads home with one of our trainers to experience an obedient life in a comfy home. No lonely overnight kennels here – our Boot Camp dogs enjoy living with a trainer, fostering an even better training relationship.

You simply drop off your dog to our studio on the first day of his Boot Camp with his favorite food. After that, we take over nurturing a relationship of trust and respect with your canine companion. Our trainers work with your dog inside and outside during the day, and take him home at night to enjoy downtime, socialization, and more practice.

We know you’ll miss your dog during his Boot Camp, but our trainers will keep you in the loop through photos on Facebook and through text messages and phone calls. You’ll love seeing your dog in action, and will be proud when you pick him up at the end of his Boot Camp, happy and obedient. We’ll show you the commands we have practiced with your dog, and let you practice with him under the supervision of his main trainer. Then it is home to start your new life together!

If your dog is over 4 months of age, and you are still struggling with potty training, we highly suggest the Potty Training Foundations Add-On.  This potty training focus can be added to the 12 or 26 Day Board and Train programs to establish the foundations of an outside potty habit along with the full suite of obedience training!  We’ll set you up to build on our potty training foundations when you get home!

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5-Day Board and Train
This program is great for short vacations! When you come back, you’ll look forward to taking your dog out for a walk instead of dreading it. Dogs in our 5 Day Program will learn good everyday leash manners. No more pulling on the leash or tangling you up! Dogs will also learn to heel and to automatically sit at your side when you stop, as well as to sit on command and stay there until you release him. In addition, they will learn the wait command. No more rushing out doors ahead of you!  Tuition: $1799

12-Day Board and Train
Our 12 Day Board and Train program is highly popular and highly successful! Dogs and clients love it! Dogs will learn all the fundamentals in the 5 day program and improve on them significantly, plus the down, place, and come commands as well as drastically improved home manners that come with time at home with the trainers. These skills are true game changers! You can drop the leash and walk away after issuing the sit or down commands and with the place command, they will stay on a certain place such as a mat until released. When your dog is on his place, he can’t get into trouble!  Finally, this program also affords us enough time to address your dog’s bad jumping habit!  This program is also able to be supplemented with our Potty Training Foundations Add-On. We will lay the foundations of proper potty behavior to your pup’s new skill set.  Tuition starts at $2499

26-Day Board and Train
It doesn’t get any better than this! This is our top-of-the-line training program. Your dog will learn everything from the 12-Day Board and Train, and you’ll also be able to communicate with your dog from a distance! In this program, your dog will be taught all of his stationary commands without the need for a leash. Even better, you’ll be able to page your dog to come to you from a distance after our trainers will work with your pup in their own backyards! Your whole family will be able to offer the same consistent feedback that you can! Imagine your dog behaving for everyone! This is truly the ultimate dog training program!  This program is also able to be supplemented with our Potty Training Foundations Add-On. We will lay the foundations of proper potty behavior to your pup’s new skill set!  Tuition starts at $4599

12-Day Advanced Off-Leash Board and Train
Has your dog completed the 12-Day Board and Train or 10-Day Day Training program, and you’re as happy with the results as we knew you’d be? You can continue your dog’s training with a second 12-Day Board and Train program, in which the off-leash skills of the 2nd half of the 26-Day Board and Train program are taught. Take advantage of the step change you’ll see in your dog’s maturity level! Tuition: $2799

Best Life Board and Train
Set your dog up for a lifetime of success!  This 1-year package includes every program that we offer!

2 weeks of Puppy Day Camp
12-Day Obedience Board and Train
12-Day Advanced Off-Leash Board and Train
10 days of Graduate Refresher Training
3 nights of Graduate Boarding for your vacations
All the tools that you’ll need including a leather leash, a leather training tab, a 50′ leash, a Place bed, a local chew antler, and all other necessary equipment!  Tuition: $6399