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  • I’ve had two pets go through Dog Training Now. We love the staff over there. Our boys had a good time and learned a lot. I love the new location! So clean and felt so good leaving them there for the day. Richard felt so loved by everyone he worked with.🤎

    We highly recommend Dog Training Now!!

    Leah O. Avatar Leah O.

    Tucker completed his 2 week off leash program. He has learned to focus and listen to commands given. I believe he is more confident as a result. He was always happy to go to school. All of the trainers are all great. Bill, Tucker’s trainer for this session is an excellent trainer. He is patient and kind and worked very well with Tucker. I highly recommend Dog Training now.

    Kathy C. Avatar Kathy C.

    Went there for a free consultation with a Dog Trainer. Flamingo (Box/Pit) was super excited to go in the building. He loved the "energy" of the place before he walked in the door as did I. Jesus was friendly and full of info. We signed up for one of their programs. My "Spidey senses" say this is definitely going to be an awesome place to be at. Flamingo loves it already. Happy puppy Happy Dog Mom💜 🤗

    Gabriela G. Avatar Gabriela G.

    Dog Training Now was amazing, and really changed my life with my dogs! They have grown up, and now I can really enjoy them. JJ was amazing, and loved and cared about my boys like they were her own.

    Paige G. Avatar Paige G.
  • My fiancé and myself were looking for a place to get our Rottweiler Steve trained. I posted on a local page and asked if anyone had recommendations; 6 out of 9 replies said “Dog Training Now.” So we contacted them and decided to do the 12 day board and train. We were nervous at first because Steve is our fur baby, lol. Dan and his crew were great with daily updates and they post on Facebook/Instagram with pictures and videos. Steve’s primary trainer Bill was amazing and provided exceptional care and training for our very loved fur baby. My fiancé and myself missed Steve during the two weeks and had some crappy days at work, but hearing from Bill on Steve’s progress really brightened our days. Steve honestly came back home a brand new dog! We are amazed at how much he has learned. Thank you Dog Training now! Thanks to Dan and his AMAZING dog trainers.

    Justin H. Avatar Justin H.

    Our pup was just 4 months old when we enrolled him in the board and train program. I was a bit nervous about leaving him because he was so young. Dog Training Now did such a great job with him and I felt he was in great hands. We received daily progress reports and pictures. The photos on Facebook and videos kept us connected to him. His training was impressive when we picked him up and saw all he learned. Bill, his trainer, explained and showed us how to continue the training at home. I would recommend them for anyone looking for a kind, caring training environment for their dog.

    Sharon T. Avatar Sharon T.

    My dog Barkley came out of his 12 day program calmer and eager to listen to the commands he was taught. It is more pleasant walking him when he is not pulling. At the end of the session you go through a going home lesson where you learn to put into practice the training your dog learned. The staff is caring and friendly. Bill was Barkley’s trainer. He was excellent, making sure I received pictures and updates of Barkley daily. I highly recommend Dog’s Training Now.

    Susan S. Avatar Susan S.

    We enrolled Cooper for puppy training which he loved, great to have him exposed to other puppies for socialization skills. we then enrolled him for 2 wk obedience training and trainers are so nice and Cooper responded very well to his training. Dan the owner is very nice and accomodating, answered all our questions on a timely manner. we are very pleased and plan to continue using them in the near future.

    Ann M. Avatar Ann M.
  • Before and after training was night and day difference!! We contemplated our choice of getting a puppy but now that she is trained we are ecstatic!! 100 times over i would recommend! Everyone was so nice, professional and the sweetest to my puppy!!

    Brigitte T. Avatar Brigitte T.

    We cannot give Dog Training Now enough praise for how amazing they are! Our pups Zoie and Ziggy started at DTN as baby pups in the puppy day camp 2 years ago and we finally enrolled them in the 4-week advanced off-leash course. Now we’ve always enjoyed our dogs and all of the things we did with them, but since graduating from their program, they are even MORE enjoyable (we didn’t even think that was possible!!) Over the years we’ve gotten close with both owners, Dan and Melissa, and trainers Allison and Meghan. At the beginning of their 4 weeks, we met JJ and Bill (who ended up being their off-leash trainer). All of these trainers are phenomenal people and love our dogs (at least) just as much as we do. Z & Z get amped up in the car the second we turn into the parking lot and the butt wiggles are instant when they see any of their trainers! Bill is such a caring person and Z & Z are obsessed with him and his belly scratches!

    Other than the pure love and affection they give our pups, they are also all-around trainers. Our German shepherd, Ziggy, has a medical condition where he cannot have any treats outside of his meals. When I asked Dan if they’d be able to still train him, his immediate response was “absolutely” and he went on to learn more about what drives Ziggy. When they started their training, Dan and Melissa made sure that every trainer who stepped foot in their building knew that he could have absolutely no food. As a dog mom who is constantly worried about their high medical needs dog getting food, I felt instant relief. In addition, knowing that we have a baby at home, they practiced all of their skills with a stroller as well to make at home walks as easy as possible.

    Dog Training Now, it’s owners, and all of their trainers are amazing people and we HIGHLY recommend DTN for all of your puppies and dogs!

    Catherine C. Avatar Catherine C.

    Amazing experience and very professional staff. If you want a certified good boy or girl, go to Dog Training Now!

    Chris G. Avatar Chris G.

    As I stated on her graduation video, she just loved coming to Dog Training Now! I recommend this program 100%, her excitement when pulling into the parking lot told the entire story, she loved coming and I was completely comfortable leaving my dog with them. Great place, great people, great experience for your fur baby.

    Carol N. Avatar Carol N.
  • We had such a wonderful experience with Dog Training Now. Drop and pick up are easy. The staff is wonderful and answered any questions that we had. They are great at training the dogs and their owners, I feel more confident as a dog owner!

    Jen C. Avatar Jen C.

    DTN has done a great job training Bo. Now they do a great job when we need to board him. He enjoys his days working and playing.

    Dan E. Avatar Dan E.

    With a hectic schedule and never owning a dog before trying to find time to train our new puppy and knowing where to start was difficult. Dog training now’s cumulative program from puppy to boarding has been a godsend. Owning a diva dachshund they were even able to teach her and us skills that we use everyday. She refused to walk for months, we tried everything. One day with them and she’s a walk star!

    Kelly S. Avatar Kelly S.

    I love DTN. I have had my pup there since puppy day camp and she is now in grad group 2. This place is amazing and the staff is so patient. I saw a transformation in our pup Lily after her 12-day board and train, she continues to thrive! I can’t wait to see what else she can learn and would highly recommend this place! We already know that we will be sending any new pups here for training!

    Krystal H. Avatar Krystal H.
  • I had a spectacular experience with DTN. I was so pleased with the trainers’ dedication to teaching both my dog and I something new each day. Everyone was positive, energetic, encouraging, patient and professional. My dog Nala seemed eager to work with trainer JJ who always addressed my questions and constantly impressed me with my dog’s abilities. She was able to share her expertise and make me feel confident that my dog’s skills would translate outside of the classroom. I would absolutely recommend DTN to any dog parent struggling with training!

    Jenna L. Avatar Jenna L.

    They do an amazing job. My lab was uncontrollable on the leash and within a day he was walking well right beside me. He learned so many essential commands in the two weeks of his training. I can’t recommend them more highly.

    Kathy M. Avatar Kathy M.

    We have sent our dog twice for training, and this most recent time, Nick did a great job with our pup. We will continue to send for the graduate daycamps as well. Really happy with our dog's progress!

    Jen M. Avatar Jen M.

    I highly recommend Dog Training Now to anyone looking for an obedience training program! My 2 year old lab/golden mix has always been a good dog but obedience was hit or miss. Dog Training Now taught him so much and made him more confident! The day after he graduated, he stayed in a down stay position for 10 minutes while my daughter was eating and flinging yogurt all over the floor and he only needed one reminder to stay put! Prior to his 2 week training, he would have been right up in her face trying to lick yogurt off her hands!

    The trainers are also so great and you can tell they are really passionate about the work they are doing!

    Lauren H. Avatar Lauren H.
  • Staff here are very professional. My puppy loves it here. His tail waggles every time we are in the front of the school and one of the staff comes and gets him! Highly recommend. Make sure you book in advance because they do get booked out very quickly. They have FB and Instagram and post often so you can see what your pup is up too. Thank you dog training now team!

    Pamela C. Avatar Pamela C.

    Everyone there is committed to consistency, professionalism, and they know their trade very well. We went through the full off leash training and that is really where it makes the difference. They are booked up, so if you just got a puppy, you better make your reservation now because you may have to wait.

    Whomever ate all the muffins I brought, and you know who you are, next time give Will a chance to get one.... Lets hope you don't turn into a muffin.

    Thanks DTN!!!!

    James W. Avatar James W.

    Our 9 month old Golden Retriever Shadow graduated today from Dog Training Now's 2-week day training program. He was a great dog to start, but is now even better! His trainers were wonderful to work with and explained all his progress every day when we picked him up from training. Everyone at Dog Training Now was kind, caring, gracious and of course knowledgeable! We always felt that everyone there truly loved what they were doing and cared deeply about the dogs they trained. We never felt rushed with any questions and were encouraged to keep asking questions about Shadow's training. I'm happy to report Shadow loved going in each day for training and was wagging his tail every day he walked through Dog Training Now's door! I would highly recommend their services and would rate our experience at 5 stars (Shadow agrees) 🐾

    Bill L. Avatar Bill L.

    Dog Training Now Rocks: Millie is a new dog after her lessons.🐾😊 She started in puppy classes, did leash and off leash training. The staff is great. Five stars all the way.

    Cynthia Z. Avatar Cynthia Z.
  • I love Dog Training Now! GeorgeG and my experience with each and everyone of the trainers was fabulous. (Of course Allison, especially because she was his off leash trainer.)

    Karen D. Avatar Karen D.

    Money we’ll spent! I am astounded at how quickly the results were. The staff is amazing! Bo struggled (actually I struggled) on daily walks with pulling and walking in front of me. He listened well inside the house but not so great in the yard, on walks or around groups of people. After day one, he walked next to me with zero pulling. I cannot even believe it. Life changing! He completed the 4 weeks of training wit the last two weeks working off leash. I feel so much better about him listening to me in dangerous situations. To have recall is everything! I can’t say enough great things about the staff. They truly care about and take great care of all of the dogs. They did an amazing job training me on the commands that Bo learned every time I picked him up. They took their time explaining how and why and what to do. They show you how they practice the skills and then the watch you practice with your dog and make sure you understand everything. I’m so thankful to everyone at DTN! And especially to Ashley. Thanks for loving Bo as much as I do!


    (Pictured in “place” while a service tech works in the house right behind him!)

    Jennifer L. Avatar Jennifer L.

    Amazing. Has been a life changer for both myself and my dogs! They not only do a fantastic job but are honest and don't "up sell." My dog had basic training (somewhere else, years before, that I had not kept up on) and during evaluation they could have easily told me that he needed to go into the basic training program. Instead they honestly evaluated my dog and said they could do the off-leash training and brush up on his basic obedience at the same time. I also received no pressure, in fact they agreed with me, that my other older dog (who is very laid back and easy to handle) did not "need" to go into a training program if I was okay with his level of obedience. These people easily could have taken me for three times the money (I was desperate) but didn't even consider doing that. They want what is best for the dogs. Months later they are on hand to help if something comes up. My dogs and myself are so much happier for them. I only wish I had found them years ago!

    Edited to add:

    It’s now 2021 and I sent my 2nd dog through a training program at Dog Training Now. Once again they were fantastic. This time I did the 12 day board and train with trainer Ashley. This dog is a young show/performance and hunting dog. Therefore I had some pretty specific commands and a list of to do/not to do. Ashley was amazing and often communicated with me to make sure we were on the same page. I’ve used them twice and I’m sure I will use them again in the future. Highly recommended!

    Rebecca R. Avatar Rebecca R.

    We had a great experience with Dog Training Now both with the puppy training and the two week training. Maisey went from crazy to being a good dog that no longer jumps on people, comes when called, waits at doors, and stays in place when asked. She was very happy to be there with all the trainers loving on her. I highly recommend DTN!

    Sue F. Avatar Sue F.
  • Our dog Mae attended the 2 week training program at Dog Training now. We had a wonderful experience. The staff were all kind and took the time to really teach us how to work with Mae. She came home with new skills thanks to their training. I would recommend them to anyone with a new pup... new or old!

    Jenny S. Avatar Jenny S.

    Excellent training with an exceptional team! Dan provided amazing client experience from initial contact to follow up visits!! I never felt a sales pressure but always felt educated on how to make my dog find their true potential. Something I couldn't do on my own! We have one dog who attended a train and board and attends occasional refresher courses and a puppy who attended 3 weeks of puppy day camp. Both programs are life changing!! Dog training now is the first step in creating a positive relationship between you and your dog! They helped create an amazing bond with my dogs, I'm so thankful for their service.

    Courtney B. Avatar Courtney B.

    Amazing service. And works. I was only looking for a basic training but the progress is obvious. My dog Baxter learned so much. I’m extremely happy.

    Charlene m. Avatar Charlene m.

    This was by far the best decision I could have ever made. The trainer Will taught my 1yr old beagle so much in only 10 days. I am so happy with the service.

    Charlene B. Avatar Charlene B.
  • The folks here are fantastic and do a lot with the dogs. Yadi has loved it here I just wish they allowed doggy daycare past 16 weeks! Great staff, very friendly and always willing to answer questions! Highly recommend!

    Chadd F. Avatar Chadd F.

    We are so pleased with Dog Training Now and the wonderful trainers! As first time puppy owners, they taught us a lot about how to handle our puppy, how to get the desired results and how to correct unwanted behaviors. A special thank you to Will and Nick for their hard work with Leo. We look forward to continuing with the refresher classes to keep up with Leo’s new skills.

    Patricia M. Avatar Patricia M.

    We had a great experience with our puppy receiving his training and then returning for day camps and boarding. Friendly and professional staff who loved our dog as much as we do! Highly recommend!

    Lawrence S. Avatar Lawrence S.

    We’ve been so lucky with every single one of our Dog Training Now experiences. I’m with my dog, Taloa 90% of the time since I work from home. So any time we’ve trained or boarded with DTN, I’m sad to be away from her. But the folks at DTN always treat her so well and she has so much fun there that it just feels like it’s her home away from home. In addition, trainer, Ms. Allison is SO good with her AND with us. When she’s boarding overnight, she sends lots of photos since I’m missing her so much. And she spends a lot of time on activities to keep her getting exercise (both mental and physical). I seriously can’t say enough good things about Ms Allison and the entire team at DTN. Thank you for everything!!

    Rachael C. Avatar Rachael C.
  • Dog Training Now is amazing. They worked with our puppy Boomer and the change in behavior is amazing. Walks are so enjoyable now! Outstanding program!

    Caroline B. Avatar Caroline B.

    We had our dog here for two weeks to board and train. We are now able to take our dog on walks without the constant leash pulling. She will also wait before leaving our house until given the "lets go" command to go outside. We are happy with the results. We looked forward to receiving the daily updates and pictures each day.

    Allison was very helpful and thorough in reviewing the training when we picked her up.

    Glenn B. Avatar Glenn B.

    Wonderful experience! My dog started with the puppy socialization classes, took a break and continued with the 10 day basic obedience classes. Best investment ever as he is at ease with other dogs, comfortable in new situations, learned basic commands and went in happily every day. An added bonus is that because we started him at 8 weeks in the car a little each day he became used to car rides and with the back and forth to class each day he is now calm and relaxed even on trips of up to several hours. Each staff member was competent and caring. Nick seemed to develop a special nbond with our dog. Don't hesitate to take the time and spend the money to make your dog at ease in the world for the rest of his life. It's worth it!

    Deb N. Avatar Deb N.

    They have helped me become a more confident puppy mom. Rosie started in puppy preschool & now is finishing her 10 day training. So thankful for her new skills & trainers’ coaching me on how to do this at home. 😀💕

    Tracy W. Avatar Tracy W.
  • Dog Training now is a very well run place for dog training and overnight boarding. Our dog Rita loves the trainers there and she has learned a lot of skills!

    Glenn R. Avatar Glenn R.

    My dog enjoyed the training very much. She was always happy to go there. Now she’s a very calm and obedient dog. Thank you Nick, Will and Ashley!!!

    Eve Avatar Eve

    The trainers are super patient, talented, and true dog lovers. We have a stubborn Boston Terrier and in two weeks, Dog Training Now did wonders! Highly recommend!

    Mary B. Avatar Mary B.

    Lacey attended day camp. It was a great experience, she is crate trained, confident around other dogs and even potty trained! Thank you, I would highly recommend!

    Rose D. Avatar Rose D.
  • Our dog Summer completed a board and training program and also goes in for refresher courses. The staff is very professional, friendly and supportive. They also give guidance for parents to continue training at home. I would recommend their program for any dog owner!

    Janine H. Avatar Janine H.

    Buddy had his first week of Puppy day camp and I am beyond happy with the program. The staff is very friendly. You can tell how much they love what they do. I am definitely going to keep a Buddy in training there.

    Trisha B. Avatar Trisha B.

    We had the best experience with our 1.5 year olds Corgi. Dog Training Now was amazing & really made such a difference for our family. They were so professional & during his stay made sure we felt connected with updates all day long ! Couldn’t be happier & would highly recommend

    Carrie W. Avatar Carrie W.

    The best dog trainers! My French bulldog learned all the skills she needed for success in the two week training course. The refreshers are awesome for a tighten up of skills.

    Meg J. Avatar Meg J.
  • Pogo's previous training classes were cut off by the fact that I had to move right before the pandemic hit. However, I am so glad I found this place to continue his training. Not only was I able to drop him off and get work done at home, he had the opportunity to train among other dogs (his biggest distraction aside from rabbits). During the course of 10-days, Pogo was able to hone some of the skills he had previously learned but forgot (my fault entirely for not keeping up the training). The trainers were professional and communicative with me throughout the whole process, and I was able to review with them and Pogo at the end of each day. They also encouraged me to continue practicing with him at home, which is super important. Thankfully, DTN re-solidified Pogo's training foundation and gave me more confidence to keep up the work, and I would definitely consider them again in the future for refresher courses or more!

    Dorothy T. Avatar Dorothy T.

    Rosie spent 3 weeks in their puppy preschool. I was recovering from surgery and they were so helpful in keeping her on target with potty training & crate training. She loved the socialization with other puppies. We were both sad to see her time come to an end when she turned 16 weeks. We are signed up for training and can not wait! I was nervous to leave my young puppy. With their excellent care, I would not be a happier! Thank you!!!

    Tracy W. Avatar Tracy W.

    My puppy did puppy day care and today completed the 10 day training. I love everything about this place. Every staff member is super friendly and very knowledgeable in dog training. If my dog fails at learning something it's not them it's that I'm too much of a softy and then will have to go back for more I'm hoping to get another dog in a year but will be living outside the area and it will be worth the drive for me to go back to dtn.

    Mary V. Avatar Mary V.

    Dog Training Now is definitely a place to consider if you’re having a hard time training you pup. Alphie took the 2 week boarding training program and the results are amazing!! Casey his trainer was wonderful on going over everything Alphie learned during these 2 weeks. Casey also kept me updated every single night on Alphies progress and would send me pictures of Alphie every night. Alphie is able to go on a walk without pulling now, doesn’t jump on the counter or on people/ kids. I have a totally different dog now! Thank you Casey and staff!

    Lucero A. Avatar Lucero A.
  • What can we say... totally impressed and completely satisfied! Blown away by how effective the training was, how engaged Allison was, and how much detailed training WE received when picking up our young man. We did the 12-day board and train program for our rescue lab/dachshund, Zero. We don't know a whole lot about Zero's past, his exact age, nor how trainable he was (or if we were!). We put down the payment in September and waited the 3 months for the opening. As the date came near, we had natural reservations, but knew it was what we needed to do. We were kept up to date daily, and got to watch Zero's progress on Facebook. Allison was amazing with the communication, and was a total professional during OUR training/exit session. We highly recommend Dog Training Now!

    Kristina R. Avatar Kristina R.

    The team of trainers and staff at Dog Training Now is outstanding. My little Millie is doing well at potty training and other classes. She loves her play group. Great place to take you puppy or dog for training.

    CJ Z. Avatar CJ Z.

    Thanks to Dog Training Now and all its talented and caring trainers our Teddy is better trained. He enjoyed his two weeks of obedience training. The facility was clean, staff were very knowledgeable and you can tell that they love the dogs as if they were their own. Thank you for training and taking good care of Teddy! 🐾

    Mary A. Avatar Mary A.

    We brought our puppy here for a week of puppy day camp in the Fall and then went back Dec/Jan for a 12 day board and train. Everyone we worked with was very friendly and helpful. Trainer Allison had our dog overnight and gave us frequent updates. They post a lot on their social media so you can follow along every day on your dog’s activity and progress. We have to see how well the obedience training translates at home now but we learned A TON and feel much more confident about her foundational skills and behavior. She is our dog but with manners (as Allison says).

    Kelly V. Avatar Kelly V.
  • We brought Roxie for Puppy Day Camp and 10 day training. Everyone was very helpful and allowed me to ask as many questions as I wanted. They clearly love what they do. Roxie now has a good foundation for us to work from. I'm sure we will call for assistance in the future as we were encouraged to do. Allison, and the other trainers, did a great job!

    Diana Avatar Diana

    Taloa absolutely loves Dog Training Now and the training she received there. From the puppy camp to board and training Taloa always was eager to spend time with the Dog Training Now staff and other dogs. Her success has been fantastic, responsive and she is very eager to please. Taloa knows her skills and responds quickly all due to the work Allison and the DTN staff put into her training. Thank you for the great job, we love the training process and the staff at DTN.

    Nic Y. Avatar Nic Y.

    This place was absolutely amazing! They were super accommodating and friendly throughout. Everyone I interacted with was very professional and I could tell that my puppy was in great hands with them. Now most importantly, my puppy made so much progress with potty training, crate training, and nibbling in just a week! I will definitely go back if I need extra training and I will recommend this place to anyone who has a pup!

    Alexis Avatar Alexis

    I had a work trip and my first thought was DTN. Not only did my dogs get to go back over the training again, but they stayed in the same house with a great trainer. Allison did a great job with them and kept me updated during my trip with texts and pictures. I will definitely feel comfortable leaving my dogs again if needed. I also love the single day refresher courses for previous graduates.

    J Avatar J
  • This place is amazing!! Started taking my puppy there for puppy school.. she loved it!! Then I signed up for 10 day training. It's amazing what these wonderful people can do in 10 days!! I am so happy to say we are still going a few times a week. Love this place!! The people are amazing... so knowledgeable, caring, and friendly. I feel very fortunate to have found this place and hope to be taking Bailey there for a long time!! Next may be off leash training!!

    Karen H. Avatar Karen H.

    Our dog, Dudley, went to the 10 day training program here, and he is doing SO much better with his jumping and walking. Before, he'd literally sit down and not move on walks. It was extremely frustrating. Since he's completed his program, he hasn't stopped and laid down once, and he is not as distracted by other dogs or people walking by. I highly recommend taking your pup here!

    Jenna R. Avatar Jenna R.

    My rescue dog Xena was out of control. Learning to be a good dog at Dog Training Now was the best thing ever for her. She now behaves on the leash, in the house, and in the car. Worth every penny of her 10 day training sessions. I highly recommend it. Their hours are fantastic. Thanks to all the trainers that helped Xena be a better pet!😀

    Evelyn C. Avatar Evelyn C.

    Our spazzy hound mix, Paxton did great in the 10-day training! We’ve already noticed a big difference and will keep up the training at home with him. Thanks for a solid foundation!

    Matthew S. Avatar Matthew S.
  • Our puppy attended the board and train program and she is doing so much better with her jumping up and leash pulling. They did an amazing job!

    Thank you trainers that worked with Tilly but especially Allison. She did an amazing job with our puppy. Well worth the time and money.

    Cindy G. Avatar Cindy G.

    Mia & Penny have learned so much in these last two weeks. Dog Training Now does a phenomenal job. Their hours are amazing, as well.

    Carrie P. Avatar Carrie P.

    Wow! Dog Training Now is incredible!! After just two weeks Mia is a brand new dog. I have been struggling to teach Mia to walk without pulling for the last five years. She now knows how to walk without pulling for her whole walk, as well as, knows how to heel and the difference between those two types of walks. Thank you, everyone, who worked with Mia and her sister Penny (our 2 year Old English Pocket Beagle) for these past two weeks at Dog Training Now. And, that was just a portion of what they learned. They are looking forward to seeing you next week to refine all that they learned, along with the other dogs you have there.

    Carrie P. Avatar Carrie P.

    Terrific staff, convenient hours, worth every penny.

    My puppy loved puppy camp. The staff was was entirely willing to work with me with my special circumstances with crutches.

    Three enthusiastic thumbs up! Yep, need more than 2 thumbs for this place!

    Susan M. Avatar Susan M.
  • Our dog Alex could not wait to get to school with you. He obviously enjoyed his daily lessons and practiced them well at home. What a change! Our arms are shorter now that he does not pull on them. Wonderful experience, great staff, specially Allison and Kellie, we enjoyed it in spite of the long daily two-week commute from Evanston. Worth the time and $$. We will surely recommend it to other puppy owners!

    Alicia M. Avatar Alicia M.

    Our dog, Taloa had an absolutely wonderful experience with the team from Dog Training Now! The staff were friendly and worked so well with the dogs. Taloa couldn't wait to go see the other doand the trainers every day. She even by random chance got to meet and hang out every day with one for her littermates who happened to be doing the puppy camp too! We're looking forward to also doing the board and train next month. Thank you so much to the teams at DTN...we appreciate how much you love and care for our dogs!

    Rachael Y. Avatar Rachael Y.

    We adopted our 3ish year old mutt a few months ago. While he was generally mild mannered and well behaved, he would not sit on command, would jump up, and had bad leash manners. We took him to Dog Training Now for the 12 day board and train and are so happy with the results. He’s great on the leash now and I can take him when I go on walks with my kids. And the place command is an added bonus we didn’t know we needed! It’s so helpful to be able to get him to go lay down when things are getting crazy at our house. I would definitely recommend Dog Training Now; it’s worth every penny.

    Katie C. Avatar Katie C.

    Dog Training Now is one of the best choices we have made for Jack! From his initial training almost 4 years ago to the Board and Train programs we have used quite a few times! The updates they add daily and messages from the trainers let us know Jack is in good hands. He comes home exhausted and happy! Trainers Amy, Allison and Melanie have all taken great care of him!

    Denise K. Avatar Denise K.
  • Our golden retriever spent 2 weeks here and she is definitely much better behaved!

    Timothy A. Avatar Timothy A.

    Pepper started at Puppy Day Camp and loved it. She got along with the trainers and enjoyed meeting new friends. In fact she liked it so much I was afraid she wouldn't want to come home with me (lol). I could feel the love the staff had for Pepper. They were always in a good mood. They were happy to greet Pepper. They answered any questions or concerns I had. Then came 12 day training. I missed Pepper terribly and had great anxiety that I made a huge mistake. But the days went by and I kept up on DTN page (love ALL the photos) and soon she was home again! Yay! She has learned so many things. Now the hard part is to keep up with it all! I think DTN should have a 12 day training for adults so they can remember all the good things you have trained our dogs to be! (Wouldn't that be fun!) All of the trainers deserve a huge KUDOS for all your patience, love and understanding of our four legged family members. A special shout out to Jon for taking such good care of Pepper. I'm sure she misses you tremendously. I highly recommend DTN to take care of all dogs!

    Paula B. Avatar Paula B.

    Dog Training Now, NEVER DISAPPOINTS!!! My dogs always come back happy and super tired. Whether you need a babysitter for your pet or you want them to socialize with other pets, Dog Training Now is the place you want!!

    Andrea C. Avatar Andrea C.

    Puppy Day Camp was the BEST experience for my puppies, The Staff is Truly AMAZING... Xtra Chance & Sassy Chassy will never forget you all

    Deborah M. Avatar Deborah M.
  • Amazing experience with the whole team at Dog Training Now. Our 10 month old Pit Mix was extremely people shy and crate anxious. Within a couple days he was excited to head over to his day training! We did the 10 day program and I'm amazed at how well he has done, all thanks to the team! He even goes into his crate without fear! I chose DTN because of the reviews and they did not disappoint. We will definitely be using them for boarding services in the future. You could tell how much they care for each dog. Their process of training is extremely efficient. Oscar seemed a little bummed when our morning routine didn't include him getting dropped off for the first time after he graduated!

    Kerry C. Avatar Kerry C.

    They genuinely care about every single dog that walks through their door! The staff is so nice and hardworking. My Sofie was always so excited to go to day camp. I appreciated the Facebook and Instagram posts throughout the day, it was as if I was checking up on my dog! Convenient pick up/drop off hours. Highly recommend!

    Anna D. Avatar Anna D.

    Dog Training Now was recommended to us for our 8 month old "high energy" Lab puppy Lucy. We opted for the 10 day training program and are very pleased with the results. Lucy loved going to her camp and was one big wiggle when she saw her trainers. The skills Lucy learned daily were reviewed at pick-up time which was extremely helpful for us to continue the training at home. We would highly recommend Dog Training Now.

    Debra G. Avatar Debra G.

    Wow! I'm so impressed by Dog Training Now! We got our puppy in the middle of Quarantine and were a little nervous that training places wouldn't be open. DTN was able to get us right in for a consultation and let us know exactly what to expect. Our almost 6 month old girl just finished the 10-day Day Training and she's now so well behaved! She was so excited to go every day and we know she was very well taken care of.

    The best part is that now that she "graduated", they still have options for continued learning and refresher courses.

    If anyone is looking for training where they treat your dogs like they would their own, this is the place!

    Gracie misses you guys already!! Thank you!!

    Gina C. Avatar Gina C.

Check out today's action at Dog Training Now

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