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  • 5 star rating  Love, love, love this place! My Lily did so well here and every single one of the trainers is amazing. Marcus, Matt & Chris always make you feel welcome - always willing to help with any questions and they love what they do because it shows.
    Lily just went for 2 week refresher during the holidays & I couldn’t be more pleased with how well they take care of her and how well behaved she has become. I would recommend to anyone with a dog - these guys are the BEST!

    Barb Hoffman Avatar Barb Hoffman

    5 star rating  Dog Training Now was an absolute blessing for my Jack Russel/Whippet Terrier mix, Bo Bo! We were in over our heads with a dog that would bolt out any open door and run through busy streets, and he was impossible to catch. He didn't listen to us and had horrible leash manners, despite months of training at a different facility and our own attempts to train him. We were at a complete loss. After the 2-week Day Camp program, we now have a dog that is still just as cuddly, energetic, and playful as before, BUT we have complete control... read more

    Rebecca Behnke Avatar Rebecca Behnke
  • 5 star rating  We absolutely LOVE Dog Training Now! They are kind, professional, and a wonderful resource and training facility. Our dog has received so many compliments on his training and listening since attending the 10 day training program. He recently brushed up his skills at a three day intensive and was so excited to be back with the trainers. I look forward to being able to sign him up for another course!

    Miriam Naponelli Avatar Miriam Naponelli

    5 star rating  My pups Rocco and Rosie went here and were so loved!!! They now know several commands and make our time at home with them and our 3 children more enjoyable (and manageable)! Thank you so much!!

    Jessica Milburn Avatar Jessica Milburn
  • 5 star rating  I've used Dog Training Now for my 3 dogs and each time was a different, amazing experience. All dogs have different strengths and struggles and they nailed them all. The trainers are all fantastic, you feel like they're family once you're done and can always go back to them with questions and advise. My dogs love to go back to visit and feel like they're at home. I recommend them all the time.

    Collette Stack Avatar Collette Stack

    5 star rating  DTN has been a lifesaver for my rescue. They took my scared, anxious pup and helped us both with training! The best part is that they love your dog like their own. After training was over, I’ve been able to bring him for day visits. I was recently out of town and boarded him with Zach. He was so well cared for! All the trainers are the best, Marcus, Matt, Chris... My dog, is calm, settled, has a purpose, well behaved and most of all HAPPY. I trust them so much with a very important member of my family!

    Lori Lindsey Avatar Lori Lindsey
  • 5 star rating  I can't say enough wonderful things about Dog Training Now. Marcus was phenomenal during the evaluation and all the guys & girls were terrific with London. They saved my sanity and helped me have a well-behaved, well-mannered dog. Would highly recommend them.

    Karen Glenn Avatar Karen Glenn

    5 star rating  Our two rescue dogs did the 10 day boot camp.  It was a amazing to see the difference from day 1.  I cannot recommend dog training now enough.  They not only trained the dogs but us the owners on how to work with them and give them the commands they need to be successful.

    Amy B. Avatar Amy B.
  • 5 star rating  I've been taking my dog to Dog Training Now since he was 10 weeks old. We've gone through Puppy Preschool, Potty Training and 10 Day Obedience. For a short time I have decided to find a daycare place that would help my dog burn some of his energy while I was at work, but that came with consequences. I would bring him home and he would have scratches and scabs from "play time".  After few instances, I've decided what's best for my dog and started to bringing Rocky back to Dog Training Now for a refresher graduate program. Dog Training... read more

    Eve C. Avatar Eve C.

    5 star rating  My dogs (Sucio and Azul) both attended puppy pre-school and Crate and Potty training about a year ago. Socialization taught me so much, from taking my dog to the park and giving him treats as he stopped barking at bikes to teaching him to be excited when seeing runners, instead of alert. As a cattle dog, Azul required a lot more socialization than Sucio but thanks to this place, he learned. No, he doesn't love to play with other dogs, but he greets, runs around and understand the expected behavior in public places.

    Today, Sucio and Azul are able to... read more

    Gaby S. Avatar Gaby S.
  • 5 star rating  I took my dog Jada to Dog Training Now because this school was highly recommended in helping my 2 year old rescue boxer/lab mix socialize with other dogs. They are the best! I recommend this school to everyone I know.

    Pat W. Avatar Pat W.

    5 star rating  Dog training now did an amazing job with my Clark and Addison. They worked extra with Addison with her anxiety!! We love you guys!!! Thank you for a wonderful year with our pups!

    Laura T. Avatar Laura T.
  • 5 star rating  My daughter's new 7 mo old rescue dog had been kicked out of group obedience and received complaints from neighbors in her building about her barking. There are a lot of training facilities in the Chicagoland area with really great reviews. I called and emailed at least a dozen. Chris answered when I called Dog Training Now and he was by far the most patient and informative of any other facility. I was also happy to hear that the trainer would take our beloved pup into his/her home for board and train rather than being crated alone overnight in the... read more

    Deanna Kristen Avatar Deanna Kristen

    5 star rating  The staff and their methods have been very effective for our family's puppy, BrockLeigh, a boxer shepherd mix. He did some board and train and some day training. Initially, I was worried about sending him away for a few days (he rescued us when he was 3 mos, now 1 year), but when he came home he was still the same goofy pup, but with some manners! I really felt the love that the staff has for all the pups and dogs that come through and they are really dedicated to having you learn and implement the training your pup... read more

    Megan Hilary Castillo Avatar Megan Hilary Castillo
  • 5 star rating  Many things stand out....very clean facility, very personable with the dogs, very friendly staff, and awesome advice! They really know what their doing!

    Donna Di Croce Lopez Avatar Donna Di Croce Lopez

    5 star rating  After a lot of research and reading reviews, I made an appointment to meet the staff at Dog Training Now. I went in with my dog, Bear, and was impressed with the facility and the trainer (Matt) I met with. My wife and I decided to put Bear in the 10 day Fabulous Dog day training program. We couldn't be happier. Every staff member is kind, gentle, friendly and extremely knowledgeable. The two trainers I had the most contact with were Dan and Chris, and they were fantastic. When we picked up Bear in... read more

    Jerry Winterstein Avatar Jerry Winterstein
  • 5 star rating  We took Wrigley with us to the Maxwell St Market today. He has learned so much! He was the most perfect boy. Even with the crowd, vendors music and other dogs, he was amazing. Thank you so much for your outstanding training!

    Donna Wiora Rizzo Avatar Donna Wiora Rizzo

    5 star rating  Chris is an amazing trainer and everyone at Dog Training Now are so nice! I was so sad to leave my baby Lucy for a whole week, but Chris sent me lots of photos and gave me updates daily. I just got her back today and I already see so many improvements. Thank you so much for taking care of my Lucy and providing the best training Chris!!

    Samantha Cunat Avatar Samantha Cunat
  • 5 star rating  Dog Training Now was a wonderful experience for Gus (my Shephard Mix) as well as for myself! It was astounding the work that they were able to accomplish each day! I loved the fact that I could drop Gus off before work at a place that provides not only excellent training but a place where he can be active most of the day. The entire staff is friendly and knowledgeable. It was so nice to have them walk me through what Gus learned every day to make sure we were able to enforce the commands at home. I simply cannot... read more

    Miriam Naponelli Avatar Miriam Naponelli

    5 star rating  Dog Training Now has been an awesome place for our family to take our then 3 month old dachshund puppy to puppy preschool and now that he's 4 months old, to day training. Puppy preschool was a great place for our puppy to socialize with other dogs and people while dealing with new situations to build confidence. Not to mention it was a lot of fun for us too! When our puppy was old enough for day training, he went in to learn leash basics such as heel, sit, stay, etc. The day training is great because you leave your... read more

    Erin Cohrs Avatar Erin Cohrs
  • 5 star rating  What a fabulous place! Full of trainers who truly love the dogs! Hossa did wonderfully and is on his way to being a well mannered little guy. Thank you DTN

    Paula Hilton Avatar Paula Hilton

    5 star rating  We adopted our dog Lucky on 11/3/16. She was afraid to walk on a leash and when took her to puppy preschool she would hide under our chair. After two sessions of puppy preschool Lucky was walking on a leash, interacting with other dogs, walking the agility course, accustomed to bicycles and vacuum cleaners.
    We went away the first week in December and we did a board and train. Judy took Lucky home with her at night. Before we left, Lucky was house broken to pee pee pads but had a lot of accidents on our carpet.When we returned,... read more

    Mel D. Avatar Mel D.
  • 5 star rating  Wonderful! My rescue has so much more confidence! They gave me my sweet dog who is less anxious and happy!!

    Lori Lindsey Avatar Lori Lindsey

    5 star rating  Neo was one of Judy's first clients. He is so much better with listening and is a caring and loving dog who gets along now with other dogs. He learned many commands. We are so grateful to Judy and Marcus and all the great staff who work there!

    Jeff Mihlon Avatar Jeff Mihlon
  • 5 star rating  DTN is incredible. My Jack Russel/Whippet mix was a nightmare, and I was at my wit's end. We had tried everything to train him, to no avail. The folks at DTN were confident that they could get through to him, and they did.

    The trainers, Matt, Chris, and Marcus, are so passionate about what they do! Not only did they get my stubborn terrier to listen and obey, they did so with love and patience. They took the time to answer every single question and spent time with me each day to make sure I felt confident going home and... read more

    Becky Behnke Avatar Becky Behnke

    5 star rating  We had a great experience with Dog Training Now! The staff worked really hard with our two dogs and were very patient with our stubborn pups who feel in love with going to dog school everyday. We are extremely grateful for all their help.

    Laura Catherine Avatar Laura Catherine
  • 5 star rating  After taking my German shepherd to numerous places and trying out 2 different training schools, I came across DOG TRAINING NOW. I did a lot of home work reading reviews and even swinging by   and meeting the staff. I wrote the owner Judy and explained my concerns of only wanting the best for my dear German Shepherd  Missy.  Judy replied back to me and I can tell by her response that their was a lot of diligence.  The staff at dog training now rocks and goes above and beyond. Marcus, Chris and Mat excelled at teaching Missy to heel.... read more

    Justin .. Avatar Justin ..

    5 star rating  I cannot say enough about DTN! My dog has issues with resource guarding which was affecting my ability to fully include him in our family life. While DTN made no guarantees to be able to fully correct this behavior they certainly did everything in their power to make him a better dog and help correct these issues. He is now much more receptive to walking away from food and toys on command and has been more receptive to my other dog playing with him or eating from the same bowl. The trainers were always welcoming and extremely helpful in every... read more

    Kelly Lawrence Avatar Kelly Lawrence
  • 5 star rating  We had a fantastic experience with Dog Training Now! All of the trainers are so friendly and is very evident that they love what they do! They went above an beyond to accommodate our busy schedule and make sure our pup was taken care of. They gave her so much love that she was excited to go to training everyday! Our boxer puppy came out of their week long training program as a very well-behaved, obedient pup that walked well on her leash and listened to our commands. Not only do they do a fantastic job training our... read more

    Cathy Hoffner Avatar Cathy Hoffner

    5 star rating  They saved me! Working night shift with a little puppy who didn't listen to anything I said was killing me! I took him for puppy preschool and we loved it! One of those classes they were showing a puppy they had enrolled in their obedience training and I was sold! They turned my cute little crazy dog into a happy, obedient pup! After the first day there Charlie didn't pull on the leash and hasn't yet! They also taught me every night so I would know how to keep it up at home and welcomed everyone that was in his... read more

    Bailey Regan Avatar Bailey Regan
  • 5 star rating  Can't say enough the place!From the owner Judy to all of the trainers.Wonderful experience and Buddy is now much easier to handle and listens to all of his commands.
    Highly recommend.

    Bobette V.

    Bobette Varsalona Avatar Bobette Varsalona

    5 star rating  We just got home tonight with our dog Opie. He stayed for the 2 week residency training program and was fortunate to have stayed with and been trained by Chris. The day we dropped him off was terrible. I have never been away from my dog for more than a weekend and even then he is able to stay with my Mom. I was nervous anxious, felt bad for Opie as if I was abandoning him. Very quickly I was able to check the DTN page and already see a photo of Opie looking happy and doing well. Chris stayed... read more

    Jenna McDade Avatar Jenna McDade
  • 5 star rating  I have nothing but great things to say about Dog Training Now. They are all supportive and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to dogs! I adopted two dogs a brother and sister and they learned so much with them. I am still having issues with the dogs listening and now the girl is getting out of her crate. I called them in a panic and they are still helping me through this even after I trained with them. I 100% recommend this place and it is worth every penny. They are absolutely fantastic and amazing with the dogs! You are... read more

    Laura Tracy Avatar Laura Tracy

    5 star rating  The owner, Judy is great with all dogs. Exceptional training!

    Angelica Carrasco Avatar Angelica Carrasco
  • 5 star rating  Not like................LOVE! The people there are fantastic & Cooper is amazing now!!!!!!!!

    Keri Colestock Avatar Keri Colestock

    5 star rating  We took our (now) 5 month old puppy here first for the puppy preschool and loved it so much we did the 2 week training boot camp after that. They totally transformed our pup from jumping around and pulling on his leash during walks to now sitting when we stop walking and staying when we tell him too! Two weeks you leave your dog with them during the day, M-F from 7 to 6 and they train all day! They really take the time to teach your dog and when you pick your pup up at the end... read more

    Elizabeth Petrasz Avatar Elizabeth Petrasz
  • 5 star rating  We have so many great things to say about Dog Training Now! We cannot not even explain how much this training improved our relationship with our dogs. We brought our two 2-year old litter mates to Dog Training Now, after experiencing issues with our dogs when new guests entered our home and our dogs became reactive to other dogs while on walks. We had previously tried Petsmart Puppy Training Classes and treat-based only private training lessons, but those training methods were not enough to correct their behavior. We were frustrated and did not know what to do. ... read more

    Jackie May Avatar Jackie May

    5 star rating  Jabba is a DTN lifer! Right after we brought him to our home, we enrolled him in their training programs. He began with puppy preschool, was part of the Puppy Potty and most recently, he was part of the 10 Day Fabulous Dog Day Training program. I cannot say enough good things about this business as it is backed by an incredible staff and built on a foundation based on their genuine love for dogs. EVERY trainer is fantastic, warm, heartfelt and takes the time to connect with both the dog and owner(s). I hear all the time, "Jabba is... read more

    Nikki Kozlowski Avatar Nikki Kozlowski
  • 5 star rating  I recent took my 1.5 year old pit mix, Nova, here for the 8 day dog bootcamp program and I couldn't be more pleased! Judy, the owner, was very responsive to emails.

    I was told while Nova was there, all the trainers would work with her, however, she went home with Nicole at night. She did a great job with Nova! Nicole taught Nova everything dogs typically learn in the 10 day bootcamp program but did it in 8 days.

    One of the main concerns we had with taking Nova to a obedience training program was that we didn't want her to... read more

    John L. Avatar John L.

    5 star rating  This is the second time my wife and I bring a dog for obedience training. My wife and I needed DTN's help after rescuing a 9 month old female Doberman who was never socialized and insecure of other humans and dogs. Given her situation the trainers recommended private lessons. In one lesson she was able to pick up three commands! Then she was moved to a 10 day obedience training. Just as our first time, they exceeded our expectations. Our dog is now confident enough to greet any human or dog coming her way. We will definitely continue to use... read more

    Danny Cano Avatar Danny Cano

His name is often confused with the Stanley cup. But no thats not it, haha. We are actually really big fans of the show The Office. And we thought he had Stanley Hudson's personality. Just Funny and Mellow alot of the time.

When Miriam met Gus, a young shepherd mix around the age of 1, at Animal House Shelter in Huntley, she knew that he was the one. One more visit to the shelter for her boyfriend to meet Gus sealed the deal. Gus became a part of the family.

Jacey had been waiting to get a dog for a long time. After all, she grew up with dogs throughout her childhood. When she finally found a rescue puppy, she hopped in her car to drive to Indiana to meet an 8 week old yellow lab named Scarlett. Since that trip, Scarlett and Jacey have been inseparable.

You don’t have to speak to Mel very long to realize that he has a heart for people, and for his dogs. In the last few years, Mel found himself losing his beloved beagles, his loving rescue dog named Radar, and his mom. He was in the valley, struggling to find the happiness that he usually naturally exudes. “The next thing I knew, I was on a rescue website,” recalls Mel. Even though he and his partner had decided to not get a new dog for awhile, Mel couldn’t resist once he found a part shepherd, part collie online.

When Becky and her fiancée strolled into a shelter to adopt a dog two years ago, they couldn’t help but choose Bobo. He was a nice size for their home, and 1 year old Bobo appeared calm, laid back, and ready to be the newest addition to the family. It only took a few weeks for Becky to fall in love with Bobo, and for Bobo to show his true colors.