Puppy and Dog Training Programs

Puppies under 16 weeks

You are probably already falling in love with your cuddly new sweetheart, but do you realize how much your puppy is already learning? Your fluffy new companion is in the start of his life, and the experiences that he has over the next few months will set him up for a lifetime. The best way to have a happy, well-adjusted puppy and dog is to begin training early. Don’t wait to get started; your puppy should be exposed to new situations, people, sounds, and sights as much as possible during the first 16 weeks of life. These first few months of puppy life are vital to having a happy and healthy dog – don’t miss out on this crucial period when your puppy is a blank slate, ready to learn and explore!

It’s also really important to establish good potty training habits during this time!  We can help you housetrain your puppy!

Dogs over 16 weeks

It’s not too good to be true; we can make it happen for you, your dog, and your family.

An obedient dog is a happy dog, which translates to an even better relationship with your pooch. We can’t wait to show you how well behaved your dog can be!

Have you asked yourself these questions ?
– Do you wish your dog would  listen to you better?  Especially around distractions?
– Have you tried everything to get your dog to stop having  accidents in the house?
– Does your dog bark incessantly and make your home feel chaotic?
– Are you frustrated that your dog jumps on guests and family?
– Are you jealous of friends who can take their dog on a walk without pulling on the leash?
– Are you at your wit’s end, feeling like you’ve tried everything and still need help?