Private Dog Park

Exciting News! Our new studio location includes a huge, 1/4 acre fully fenced grass and black top yard. But we’re only open Monday to Friday, what a waste!

We’ve decided to make our yard available to Dog Training Now clients as a “private dog park” that you’re able to rent by the hour on Saturdays, Sundays, and the major federal holidays on which we’re closed.

Maybe your dog gets overstimulated at the public dog park? Maybe he gets picked on? Maybe you’re just a little anti-social? Maybe you want to work on their skills in a safer outdoor setting? All good reasons to rent a private dog park for some private exercise time for you and your dog.

The rate is $25/hour and you can bring all dogs in your home, whether they’re Dog Training Now graduates or not. They must be included in your online account, and vaccine records must be up to date.  Since we’re closed, check-in and check-out will be self-directed.

To book your spot, just log on to your online account at, click the blue “Book Now” button and select “Other Services” There you’ll find the Private Dog Park option.