Potty Training Programs

Puppies under 16 weeks

For puppies under 16 weeks of age, there couldn’t be anything more critical than establishing good house training habits.  Few things can be more frustrating than finding accidents all over your house!

For puppies under 16 weeks, they’re eligible for enrollment in our Puppy Day Camp program which focuses primarily of potty training, with a side of socialization, confidence building, crate training, and fun!

The Puppy Day Camp program is available to dogs up to 16 weeks of age, but we may extend these age limits a few weeks if you’re waiting for the next available obedience training program, and we have available capacity.

Dogs over 16 weeks

For dogs who are more than 16 weeks old, the potty training habit is definitely more difficult to establish, but certainly not impossible!  Don’t give up on your dog!  We can help establish the foundation for those solid outside potty habits at any age, right along with our full suite of obedience training!

We offer the Potty Training Foundations Add-On, which can be added to either the 12 or 24-Day Board and Train obedience programs.  You’ll get the best obedience training that we have to offer, and we’ll also help your pup understand where he’s allowed to relieve himself, and set you up to continue the success at home.