Puppy Pre-school

Congratulations on your new puppy!

You are probably already falling in love with your cuddly new sweetheart, but do you realize how much your puppy is already learning? Your fluffy new companion is in the start of his life, and the experiences that he has over the next few months will set him up for a lifetime. The best way to have a happy, well-adjusted puppy and dog is to begin training early. Don’t wait to get started; your puppy should be exposed to new situations, people, sounds, and sights as much as possible during the first 16 weeks of life. These first few months of puppy life are vital to having a happy and healthy dog – don’t miss out on this crucial period when your puppy is a blank slate, ready to learn and explore!

Before you begin Puppy Preschool, we encourage you to take advantage of our consultation with one of our Trainers. During this time in the studio, we get to know a bit more about your puppy, along with your goals and lifestyle. We also have the chance to talk about any specific problems, questions, or bad habits that you may already have noticed. We are able to give you some guidance and direction before you begin our weekly Preschool classes. During the consultation, we also answer some common questions and give you tips for getting started on the right foot with your new addition.

Our Puppy Preschool is a great way to socialize your puppy, have him experience new things in a safe environment, and to teach you how to give your puppy the best start at life. We have had hundreds of puppies (and owners!) graduate from our Puppy Preschool program, ready for the next phase in their lives.

Your family and your puppy can join in the Puppy Preschool fun as long as the puppy has been in your home for at least 2 weeks. We strongly encourage Puppy Preschool to be a family affair, with everyone in the home attending – and learning – together.

What We Work On:

Our puppy curriculum gives you and your puppy the tools to guide you through some common puppy issues:

Dog Training Now- Puppy Pre-school-Destructive chewing
Destructive Chewing
Dog Training Now- Puppy Pre-school-Separation anxiety
Separation Anxiety
Dog Training Now- Puppy Pre-school-Getting into trash
Getting Into Trash
Dog Training Now- Puppy Pre-school-Jumping
Dog Training Now- Puppy Pre-school-Nuisance barking
Nuisance Barking
Dog Training Now- Puppy Pre-school-Whining for attention
Whining For Attention
Dog Training Now- Puppy Pre-school-Play biting or nipping
Play Biting or Nipping
Dog Training Now- Puppy Pre-school-Potty training
Potty Training
Dog Training Now- Puppy Pre-school-Begging

Beyond giving you guidance on common puppy issues, your puppy also has the chance to try out new things.


Each week at Preschool, your puppy has the chance to interact with other people of all ages, including children. He will get a chance to be touched, petted, and loved by others.

Exposure to Different Objects and Experiences

Many dogs grow up fearing certain things or sounds because they have never been exposed to them. At Puppy Preschool your dog will see moving bikes, skateboards, and wheelchairs.

Confidence Building Exercises

Nervous puppies that do not get over certain fears are more likely to become fearful as adults. Your puppy will get the chance to try the mini teeter-totter, tippy table, and mini-dog walk.

Dog Care and Grooming

We address a variety of relevant topics each week including grooming, dental care, and nail trimming. We will motivate with treats, teaching them grooming can be fun and giving you a well behaved dog for years to come.

Puppy Playtime
What’s school without a little bit of recess? Our puppies enjoy safe and fun playtime at the end of each of our preschool sessions. It’s a wonderful time for them to explore, learn manners, and let loose some of that extra energy.  

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