Working from home can be both amazing and stressful, even more so if you have a four legged friend or two but it doesn’t have to be! Did you know there are several simple ways to keep your pup busy for hours? Most of them can be done with everyday items found in your home! Things from toilet paper tubes, to muffin tins and ice cube trays and empty water or soda bottles! 

So, WHY is it important to give your pup an enrichment activity? It’s simple. A tired dog is a good dog. What we mean by that is a dog who has spent 10 – 15 minutes using a puzzle game for some treats has spent those minutes thinking critically and has now mentally exhausted themselves.  Did you know that dogs that spend time using their minds can be just as tired as a dog who just played a game of tug or fetch? It’s true! When a dog plays some enriching mind games, just like with playing fetch or tug, they will want a good nap and will have less energy to put into troublesome behaviors, like eating your couch! 

One of the best parts of some of these enrichment toys? They don’t require a lot of supervision (if any at all)! Some like freezing a favorite toy or treats is as simple as tossing them to your dog and letting them lick and chew on their own! 

Here are a few of our favorite ideas!

Snuffle Mats

A snuffle mat is a fun toy that you hide treats or dog food inside so that your dog can sniff them out! They are really simple and cheap to make and you can usually find some to buy online too! Here is a simple and great DIY Video on how to make your very own Snuffle Mat:


Pupsicles are a great treat for your pups! You can just freeze a little chicken or beef broth and some dog food or treats in ice cube trays overnight then give them to your pups to lick and chew!  Another great idea for this is to take a mixing bowl and freeze a kong or rubber toy and some treats in chicken or beef broth!

Crinkle Toys

This one anyone can make at home! All you need is a plastic water bottle and an old sock! Just stick the empty water bottle in the sock and tie the end! Fun Fact: Did you know a study at a shelter done proved that dogs prefer toys that crinkle or squeak?

Puzzle Toys

These are great for keeping your dog’s mind going for a while! You can make your own or buy some online!  You can use kongs, muffin tins with tennis balls and even the cardboard toilet paper rolls!

Give your pups something fun and stimulating to do, and give yourself a bit of quiet time!