Junie’s Check Up

It’s been over a month since our Brittany pup Junie graduated from obedience training here at Dog Training Now. How is she doing with her commands? Does she still have a happy relationship with J, the kindergarten boy at home? Is she getting practice with her commands at home? We decided to check in with Junie and her family to see how things are really going.

Her commands
Junie is still confident with the commands she learned at Day Training, and with Trainer Nick during her Board and Train. She knows sit, heel, let’s go, place, down, stay, and come. She’s also working on a few fun commands with Trainer Nick and J; she is proficient with the command for “paw” and is almost steady enough to “sit pretty” on her own. J thinks it is hilarious that she knows these fun commands and really wants to teach her how to jump and roll over next. Trainer Nick will be sure to give him plenty of guidance as J continues to learn how to train Junie.

Her relationship with J
You might remember that when Junie first came to us at Dog Training Now, she had a love/hate relationship with kindergarten boy J. Specifically, Junie loved him and J hated her; Junie was high energy and loved to demonstrate her love for J by nipping at him and generally terrorizing him. While we noticed a big change in J’s confidence with Junie during Puppy Preschool, the relationship between this boy and his dog continues to grow. Junie listens well to all members of the family, including J. She loves being his playmate and doesn’t mind being playfully chased through the house with a light saber. As for J, he has finally fallen in love with Junie, requesting that she sleep in his bed starting this summer. We see many adventures in store for these two over the next years.

Her practice schedule
Junie’s family has been committed to Junie’s success. Mom practices commands with Junie during morning and afternoon walks, and the entire family has command practice weaved into their home routine. Junie goes to her Place during dinner, and down-stays while Dad loads the dishwasher. She sits while J gets dressed in the morning, and comes in from romping in the backyard when she is called. Practice makes perfect – for everyone – and this family knows the value in keeping obedience at the forefront of the home.

Her adventures
Junie, and her family, love the outdoors. Since her time at Dog Training Now, Junie continues to walk on her leash perfectly when out and about. Whether snowshoeing in Wisconsin or exploring the forest preserve, Junie behaves and has plenty of fun with her humans.

Her plan
Junie is doing great, but we aren’t quite done with her yet. She continues to come in to the studio a few times per week. It’s a great way for her to stay sharp and work on her commands, plus it gives J the chance to high five Trainer Nick and the team throughout the week too. We can’t wait to see how Junie continues to progress and how she continues to become a part of her family. Don’t worry – we’ll keep you posted on all of Junie’s escapades and adventures!