Meet Trainer Amy

She’s likely one of the first Dog Training Now staff members you see in the morning when you drop off your dog for the day. Our Amy is guaranteed to give you a smile and welcome your dog with open arms and a few extra pets. While she’s only been with us for about a year and a half, Amy makes our DTN days smoother and happier – we can’t remember what life around here was like without her!

Like most of the staff at Dog Training Now, Amy grew up living with – and loving – dogs. She was also known to be the girl to take in stray animals of all kinds from her neighborhood. In fact, her husband and kids will still tell you stories of the strays that she has helped now as an adult! We love this nurturing side of Amy, and she puts her love into action when working with our Day Academy dogs, sneaking dogs out for an extra long walk, or giving plenty of cuddles to puppies who are potty training with us.

Amy has been an official staff member of the studio for over a year now, but she has been a part of the extended Dog Training Now family for even longer. Her family dog Halas was trained here, long before Amy was hired to work part-time with our dogs. Now, Halas is a DTN success story and the newest addition to Amy’s family, a puppy named Madison, is already in training here too. In fact, Amy brings more to work with her than her dogs. Her boys – a 7th grader, a 4th grader, and a 2nd grader – are often found in our studio, snuggling and socializing dogs in our programs who do not have kids in their homes. We love when her kiddos come to visit, and our dogs do too!

“I love the greeting that Amy gives my puppy in the morning,” says a DTN dog owner. “She makes me feel comfortable and confident that my dog is going to have a great day.”

If you haven’t had a chance to meet our Amy, be sure to make it a point to do so soon! You’ll love getting to know her and watching her love for our dogs in action.