It takes staff members who have unique roles to make our Dog Training Now dogs happily and well cared for. Thanks to staff member Jackie, your dog gets the chance to have a well-deserved walk during their time at the studio. Jackie has been with us since March of 2016, and while our staff members have benefitted from her cheery personality, our dogs have especially enjoyed the extra outdoors time that Jackie gives so happily.

Jackie has been retired for almost 10 years, and had spent much of her retirement with her own dog, a greyhound rescue named Mandy. Together, Mandy and Jackie spent a lot of time walking. Jackie loves to walk (she’s has walked marathons in her retirement!) and she loves the outdoors, so spending time with Mandy in that way was extra special.

Unfortunately, Jackie had to say goodbye to an ailing Mandy. She found comfort where she knew it best – outside walking. While she was walking, she would often see DTN trainers walking the dogs. Curiosity got the best of her and Jackie worked up the nerve to ask if they ever needed help walking the dogs.

The rest is history. Jackie joined our team as our morning dog walker this past spring and our studio is better for it. She loves spending time with all our dogs, and makes each walk an important part of the dog’s day. “I know that these dogs are a loved part of a family. It’s my job to keep that treasure safe and happy,” says Jackie.

Jackie also knows that walking is a crucial part of the dog’s training. “The dogs get the chance to go outside and they also get the opportunity to practice their walking commands with me,” says Jackie. During their walk, dogs are getting exercise and practice with taking commands from Jackie.

“I love it – this time I spend with the dogs is a great part of my day,” says Jackie. We love Jackie too; her happy personality and compassion for our dogs makes her a perfect fit for our team. She’s even going to start boarding dogs from the studio. “I can’t wait!” she says.

Stop by in the morning and meet Jackie. She might even invite you along on a walk