We all love our dogs. They are always there with a happy greeting, a wet nose to wake up to, a warm spot to snuggle up to. Your dog is your best friend, and you probably can’t think of how you could possibly love him anymore.

This February, a month dedicated to all things love, consider enrolling your dog – no matter his age – in one of our training programs. We know you’ll be surprised at how a little bit of our training, and some practice at home, can make your bond with your dog even more lovely than it is now.

No More Bad Habits That make You Crazy

Are there a few habits that your dog has that test your patience? Perhaps he is a barker, or she is a chewer. Maybe you haven’t been out on a walk with your dog in years because you can’t control his leash pulling when another dog strolls by. Our experience working with dogs of all habits demonstrates to owners, time after time, that a trained dog is a focused dog.

More focus means less barking, less chewing, and fewer anxious behaviors. Dog Training Now dogs are trained on good leash manners first, and you won’t believe the difference you can see after only one day. Imagine being able to finally go on walks with your dog, knowing with confidence that you can control him and that he won’t pull.

That sounds like love to us!

Practice Makes Perfect…and Fun

Dogs look to the humans in the home as leaders. They want to please us, they want to work, and they want to spend time together. Command practice, whether on a walk or during the course of your daily routine, is the perfect way to bond with your dog. You’ll feel proud of what the two of you accomplish, and your dog will be pleased as well. The two of you might just end up turning practice time into another hobby together, like agility or even hunting.

Less Stress for the Whole Home

One of the biggest benefits of a well trained dog is the decrease in stress and frustration in the family home. Everyone, including your dog, feels better when there are limits in place and ways to calmly enforce those limits. Your kids will feel more in control of their crazy new puppy, your visitors will feel calm around a dog who greets them from Place, and you will feel a collective sigh of relief throughout your home.

Training your dog can increase your bond with and confidence in your dog. We know you love your dog – give your family the gift of training with our team!