If you have made the decision to seek professional training help for your dog, you are already on the way to a happier family and an obedient dog. However, it can be overwhelming trying to decide between training studios. You might be worried about leaving your dog with strangers during the day, or you may wonder if you’ll be pleased with the results after you invest in a program.

At Dog Training Now, we understand that choosing a dog trainer can be difficult. We are also confident that our commitment to training the dog and the owner gives our clients the best results. Here are just a few ways that our training differs from others.

Puppy Preschool is the best start

Our Puppy Preschool program is one of the best around. We have worked hard to develop a curriculum that is suited for puppies and their families. Our Trainers work with our participants each week to give puppies the foundation of socialization and good behavior. During our time together, we work on building confidence in the puppies and in their families. The classes set up puppies for success in our day training programs once they are old enough to participate.

The training day is varied

Our Day Training and Boot Camp dogs-in-training enjoy a busy day. Each day, our dogs get one-on-one command practice with a Trainer. But training sessions aren’t effective without our other essential parts of the day. We give our dogs time to decompress and relax, as well as time to head out for a walk to stretch (and sniff). There’s even play time! We also incorporate our week 2 dogs into group Place and Down, giving them the chance to work on their capacity for distraction.

Our day is varied and full, but it is also routinized so that our dogs know what is coming next. This mix gives our dogs a full day of learning and play, helping to accelerate results.

The owners are educated as much as the dogs

Our Trainers know that they aren’t just training dogs – they are also educating owners! The team at Dog Training Now plans time during dog pick up to meet individually with owners, reviewing what the dog learned that day and working with them to practice it. We want our owners to be confident with the commands when they head home.

Confident owners mean long lasting results that will withstand the test of time. This component of our training program is the biggest reason why we are able to train a dog for 2 weeks, but know that the results will last for years.

There’s lots of love

Our Trainers love all our dogs, and our dogs never go too long without a pet, a walk, or a happy smile. Even our Boot Camp dogs aren’t subject to cold and lonely kennels at night – they head home with a Trainer and spend time getting their tummies rubbed at night. Stop in our studio at any time and you’ll see loving Trainers working patiently with dogs of every shape, size, and age.

Our training is different, and it works. Give us a call to find out how we can help you!