February is the month of all things love, and we are guessing that many of you treat your dog to an extra treat or toy for Valentine’s Day. If you are looking for a toy to try out with your dog this month, perhaps consider a few of our favorite toys lately. After all, it can be a bit overwhelming to stroll the aisles of a pet store – so many choices! Here are just a few of the toys we are loving lately:

Antlers – If you’ve ever been to our studio, you know that antlers are hands-down our chew toy of choice around here. We introduce antlers to our clients in all of our programs, as early as our Puppy Potty Training. Antlers are safe, mess free, and a great way to keep dogs of all ages actively engaged.

Kongs – Kong toys come in all shapes and sizes, and they are almost always a hit. Most importantly, these toys are durable, which makes them safe for even the toughest chewers. Kongs also keep dogs busy, and out of trouble. To keep even the most curious chewers busy, try smearing the inside of your Kong with peanut butter and then freezing it before handing it over to your canine companion.

Frisbees – For active and athletic dogs, a Frisbee can be a great way to get them engaged and burning off some energy. Frisbee play requires your dog to run and to concentrate, making it a wonderful activity. Also, it allows for plenty of owner-dog bonding and lots of celebration when it is caught.

Tennis Balls – An oldie but a goodie, a tennis ball can keep a fetch-loving dog busy for hours. Tennis balls are relatively inexpensive, and most dogs won’t chew through it because they are too busy retrieving it and bringing it back for another throw.

No matter what type of toy your dog usually prefers, it can still be fun to introduce a few new toys throughout the year. Remember, when you bring in a new toy, it is a great reminder for you to toss one (or more) out. Replacing toys can assure that your dog toy bin isn’t overflowing, and that the toys you have are safe.

Also, we recommend keeping toys up and out of dog sight. Then, give a toy or two and switch it up every few days. This keeps even the “old” toys exciting and new for your dog, which means he’ll always be ready to play.

Have a new puppy or a dog who chews through every toy? We’ve seen it all during our time here at Dog Training Now. Stop in for some tips or give us a call – we’d love to help!

What are your favorite toys? We love hearing suggestions and recommendations from our clients!