Our Boot Camp program is geared for dogs of any age who need routine, to learn new commands, and lots of practice. Whether your dog is a young pup who is starting from scratch or an older dog who is a bit stubborn, our Trainers are ready to get your dog started on the road to obedience.

More socialization

We love that dogs in our training programs are exposed to plenty of socialization and distraction. Our studio is a busy place, and our dogs are learning and practicing commands in a distracting environment. This often produces even better results, as our dogs learn quickly to pay close attention to their Trainer during a session and not the puppy and person that just walked in.

Our Boot Camp dogs are also exposed to not only socialization in the studio but also at the Trainer’s home. Dogs are in the car with the Trainer twice per day and at their home, hearing new sounds, smelling new smells, and seeing new things. This makes for a better adjusted and more flexible dog when the program is complete.

More practice

Boot Camp dogs are not only getting practice and training time during the day at the studio. They are also getting the extra practice at home with their Trainer. From an evening walk to command practice before dinner, dogs are getting that extra practice and consistency with their assigned Trainer in an everyday environment.

More routine

Since our Trainers know the importance of routine, your dog learns a healthy and consistent routine throughout their time in our Boot Camp program. This routine is not only great for command learning and practice, but it is also a way to stop some bad habits that your dog may come to the program with.

Quicker results

Our Boot Camp dog owners see amazing success when they pick up their pooch after the training ends. Even better, those owners see ongoing obedience with a dog who is already in the routine of evening and home practice.

What are you waiting for? Our Boot Camp programs fill up quickly; give us a call to secure your spot.