April Showers may bring May Flowers, but all dog owners know that those lovely showers also bring a lot of muddy paws and dirty floors. If the squishy and sloppy grounds of spring make you frustrated every year, here are a few ideas to help you survive springtime.

Increase your walks
One of the easiest ways to reduce the amount of mud on your home floors is to decrease the backyard time for your dog and increase the walks. The weather is getting a bit nicer, so leash up your dog a few times per day for a quick stroll. Not only can you guide your dog to steer clear of extra muddy areas, his paws are likely to be more clean after a stroll on the sidewalk by the time you return home.

Use all the towels
Get in the habit of giving your dog a paw wipe down before you let him back in the house. Try putting your dog in a Sit or Down command and rubbing his muddy feet with a dry or a damp towel. While there still might be some dirt left over, you are less likely to have a muddy mess if you take the time to wipe off the paws every time you bring him in from the outside.

Take a deep breath
If you have ever had a dog or a child in the springtime, you know that sometimes the best thing to do is to just take a deep breath and remain calm. Your dog can become more energetic if he hears you yelling about his muddy paws (trust us – there’s nothing worse than attempting to wrangle a muddy and hyper dog!). Instead, use a calm voice to put him in a Down or Sit before you grab an extra messy dog to head to the bathtub.

If you can’t trust your dog to behave on the leash or to sit/stay for you while you wipe his paws, your spring can feel like it lasts forever. Give us a call to help us give you the obedient dog you deserve!