Our Boot Camp program is one of our most popular training options here at Dog Training Now. The dogs get the chance to be immersed in learning and practicing their commands for the duration, and owners can rest assured that their dogs are receiving personalized attention that brings even faster, and more consistent, results.

If you are considering our Boot Camp program for your dog, you might have some questions. Here is a rundown of some of the most common questions clients ask us about our intensive program.

Won’t my dog miss me?

Your dog is a part of your family, and we know that bond is important to you and to your canine companion. Our trainers and team take special care to be sure that your dog is well cared for and most importantly – on a consistent routine. Dogs love routine, and even though the first day may feel different to them since they aren’t at home, we stick to a routine so that your dog knows what to expect.

Your dog will go home with the same Dog Training Now Trainer throughout the course of their Boot Camp stay with us. While we certainly aren’t a substitute for you, dogs adapt to us quickly. Also, with all the practice they are getting at the studio and in the evenings, most of our dogs are just plain tired! Dogs typically sleep well and appreciate their well earned time relaxing.

Will my dog be shut in a kennel, alone, for the night?

No! One of the best and most unique features of our Boot Camp program is our nighttime care. Your dog will work hard in the studio during the day and then head home in the evening with their Trainer. They’ll have practice time, play time, dinner, and plenty of relaxation in the comfort of your Trainer’s home. Then, the Trainer and your dog come back to the studio for work the next morning.

How is this different than a day training program?

Our Day Training program is excellent and follows the same command curriculum as our Boot Camp program. However, our Boot Camp is more intensive because of the extra practice and time with the Trainer in the evenings. Your dog comes out of a Boot Camp week with even more practice and comfort with their commands.

Will I get to see my dog during the Boot Camp program?

You can keep up with your dog through texts with your Trainer and even on our Facebook page. You are more than welcome to ask your Trainer how your dog is doing throughout their time away from you, and our Trainers always send pictures upon request.

Does it really work?

It really does! Our Boot Camp program is appropriate – and successful – for dogs of all ages, from 5 month old puppies to more senior dogs who are struggling with some bad habits.

Try out our Boot Camp – you’ll be glad you did!