Our Boot Camp program is easily one of our most popular and successful options here at Dog Training Now. Dogs enrolled in our two week Boot Camp receive the benefit of intensive training, practice, socialization and play inside the studio and at home with our Trainers. But if you are like many of our customers, you may feel nervous about committing to the Boot Camp program simply because you aren’t sure what your dog’s day will look like.

While each of our dogs are unique and we adapt our training to those different personalities, our Boot Camp daily routines share some common daily cornerstones. When your family commits to our Boot Camp program, your dog will be challenged and encouraged while learning obedience commands that your entire family will use for years to come.


First and foremost, your dog will learn obedience commands during their Boot Camp experience. We schedule multiple one-on-one training sessions throughout the day with your dog, teaching, practicing and reinforcing commands that you will use at home. Beyond leash manners, your dog will also learn Sit, Stay, Down, and Place. Each of these commands are practiced throughout their time in the studio and at home with their assigned Trainer.


Good obedience is more than just command practice, and we are sure to offer plenty of healthy socialization during Boot Camp. Our dogs are socialized not only with other dogs in the studio, but also with other Trainers and visitors of all ages. A confident dog is a safe and happy dog, and our socialization gives your dog the chance to practice these skills.


Too much work and no play makes for a cranky dog! Your dog learns a lot from their play time here at the studio, and we are sure to schedule plenty of it during their day. We also recognize the importance of walking and exercise for your dog and get them out and about for walking sessions multiple times throughout the day.

Your dog is working and playing hard, so we are sure to schedule intentional rest and decompression time throughout the day. These rest periods give your dog a chance to relax and absorb what they have been learning. It’s not uncommon for a Boot Camp dog to snooze during their rest time, returning to their next session energized and ready to learn once again.


Finally, our Boot Camp dogs benefit from the companionship and love of our Trainers at home. We don’t leave our Boot Camp dogs in kennels at the studio overnight. Instead, dogs head home with their Trainer for lots of extra play, practice, and cuddles. This bonding helps build trust and it also gives your dog the chance to practice their new skills in a home environment.

Our Boot Camp program is successful because our Trainers carefully tailor each training component into the day of our dogs. You’ll love reuniting with your obedient dog after a few weeks and seeing the results of your dog’s hard work in action.