You don’t have to speak to Mel very long to realize that he has a heart for people, and for his dogs. In the last few years, Mel found himself losing his beloved beagles, his loving rescue dog named Radar, and his mom. He was in the valley, struggling to find the happiness that he usually naturally exudes. “The next thing I knew, I was on a rescue website,” recalls Mel. Even though he and his partner had decided to not get a new dog for awhile, Mel couldn’t resist once he found a part shepherd, part collie online.

“I had to meet her,” Mel says. When Mel met Lucky, he knew they were destined to be together. With just a bit of convincing, Mel’s partner welcomed Lucky into the home with open arms and Lucky started making her new best friends. While Lucky was socialized with dogs at the rescue, she wasn’t prepared to walk on a leash and her shepherd/collie tendencies – like heel nipping – was on display.

Mel and his partner loaded Lucky up to Dog Training Now’s Puppy Preschool for socialization and for developing good habits. By the time Lucky was 12 weeks old, she was a Puppy Preschool pro, walking on a leash like a champ and confidently interacting with people and puppies alike.

With a trip to Europe around the corner, Mel set up a one week Board and Train Boot Camp for Lucky. “She went home with Trainer Judy every night, and when we came back from our trip, the results were amazing,” says Mel. Lucky was fully potty trained and knew key commands like Sit, Place, Down and Stay.

Mel and his partner couldn’t believe the difference in Lucky after just a week’s stay. Even better, Mel saw that Lucky was relaxed and confident when he picked her up. “She wasn’t nervous or afraid when we got her back,” says Mel. “You could tell that she had worked hard to learn her commands, but she was calm and happy – like she really enjoyed her time there.”

Next on tap for Lucky was another Board and Train Boot Camp week with Jackie while Mel and his partner headed to Hawaii. Lucky is also working on off leash training and to meet the requirements for the K9 Good Citizen test, as Mel thinks Lucky would succeed as an excellent therapy dog.

The best part of Lucky’s success story? She’s not even one year old yet! We love that Lucky was able to learn so quickly through her time at Dog Training Now and her practice at home. Mel and his partner incorporate command practice throughout their day with Lucky, putting her on Place during dinner and utilizing Sit, Down, and Stay while Lucky goes to work with Mel.

Mel and his partner continue to be smitten with Lucky, and having such a well trained and socialized dog gives them the confidence to entertain more and tote Lucky along to the workplace.

We love you Lucky and can’t wait to work with you as you pursue being a therapy dog!