Have you ever paid close attention to how your dog reacts to certain situations or people? When we get new clients here at the Dog Training Now studio, we are acutely aware that dogs learn by practice and by consistent feedback. While we use these tools as foundations of our training, it is important for dog owners to know that every interaction with their dog matters.

Trainer Judy recently came across a quote that said, “every time you interact with a dog, you are leaving your fingerprints.” We love this piece of wisdom, as we have found it to be true time and time again during our professional time with dogs, and with our personal time. Your dog is learning what to be afraid of, when to feel safe, and how to behave with every word, pet, and play session.

Our Trainers take their role in your dog’s life very seriously. We aim to give each dog plenty of positive interaction throughout their time in the studio. For dogs, positive interaction doesn’t always mean treats; in fact, if you train your dog with treats every time, he will begin to only follow obedience commands if there are treats available.

For dogs, positive interactions mean consistency. This consistent feedback provides them with boundaries that they recognize and can follow. When dogs know their expectations, they will respond accordingly and happily. However, when boundaries are not consistent, or when dogs get conflicting feedback throughout their day, it can cause the dog to become stressed out. Anxious dogs often misbehave and can even have obsessive behaviors such as excess chewing or barking.

How can you leave “fingerprints” on your dog that translate to consistency and love? Lots of exercise, daily obedience practice, safe exposure to new situations, and plenty of praise after good behavior.

If you aren’t sure how to break your dog of anxious behavior, or if you are looking for consistency in your training, give us a call to set up your consultation.