Summertime is a great time to enjoy with your dog! You can get some early morning quiet time together on your neighborhood stroll or you can explore a new stream together on your next hike. However, all this outdoor activity can leave your dog feeling a bit warm and tired. We’ve pieced together some of our favorite ideas for cool treats for your dog this season. Enjoy!

Broth Ice Cubes
If your dog loves a crunch ice cube after a walk, or just after you drop one on the floor by the fridge, you’ll blow his mind by making his next ice treat a bit more meaty. Simply freeze ice cube trays full of chicken or beef broth and keep in the freezer for an extra special treat. This is an especially great way to use up the last of the broth you didn’t need for your chicken piccata recipe. Pro tip: these ice cubes can stain so give them to your dog on the porch or keep him on his Place while he enjoys the refreshing treat.

Frozen Kongs
Dogs that already love a good Kong or puzzle toy will especially enjoy this frozen take. Simply put an ice cube inside the Kong or freeze the toy itself for a refreshing and cool break from the normal.

Dog Ice Cream
We know, we know – dog ice cream can seem like a silly purchase. However, your dog will love the chilly treat and you will love knowing that the treat is safe for your furry companion. Check out local pet stores or online pet retailers for this cool treat.

Frozen Fruit
Dogs that love a crunchy apple will especially appreciate the frozen version. Simply cut apples into manageable slices for your dog and freeze. Pull them out as you need them and give to your dog right away. Remember to slice up your apples and keep the seeds and core in the trash.

Bananas are another great fruit to freeze for your dog. Even better, those extra ripe bananas that you know you won’t be able to turn into a bread treat are perfect to halve and freeze for your dog.

Do you have a favorite frozen treat to serve your dog in the summer? We’d love to hear it!