If you and your dog are Alumni of any of our obedience programs here at Dog Training Now, you know that the bond between Owner and Trainer is just as important as the bond between Owner and Dog. After all, your Dog Training Now Trainer is teaching you how to communicate better with your furry best friend, and is always there to cover any questions or concerns you may have.

Think that you love your Dog Training Now Trainer? Here are a few signs that you can’t live without them!

You have Dog Training Now in your cell phone contacts
Our Trainers rely on their cell phones to text you photos and information of how your dog is doing during our Boot Camp programs. If you have DTN listed as one of your frequent contacts, you know that you can’t live without them!

You obsessively check the DTN Facebook page
Our Facebook page is full of graduate videos, cute pics of the dogs at the studio, and our trainees in action. If you find yourself on our page more than a few times per hour, you know that DTN is an important part of your family!

You find yourself saying, “Marcus/Matt/Chris would never let this happen!”
If you’ve ever told your dog that a DTN Trainer wouldn’t like their behavior, you know that our Trainers have made an impact on you and your dog! Don’t worry – you can always give us a call if you are having some practice or follow through problems at home.

You ask for help – and lots of it
Our Trainers are here to help our dogs and our Alumni. If you have a problem behavior pop up, or a concern that you aren’t sure how to address, you can always give us a call. We love keeping up with our families and want to help you succeed.

You refer to DTN Trainers as members of your family
If you have ever talked about one of our Trainers around your family dinner table, and everyone at the table knows who you are talking about, you know that our Trainers have made a lasting impression. We love getting to know your entire family and teaching all members to have a great relationship with your dog.

Thank you for letting our Trainers into your family and trusting us with your dog! We love working with you and we can’t picture life without you all either.