If you have checked out our Facebook page in the past few months, you may have fallen in love with one of our regular dog faces – Stanley, the bulldog. It seems like everyone likes and comments on photos of this bundle of wrinkles and personality, and for good reason! Stanley is a cutie, and he is also well behaved and obedient thanks to our trainers and the practice at home with his owners Steve and Felisha.

This laidback dog, named after the character on The Office (not after the Stanley Cup), has been a part of our DTN family for awhile now. His owners live near the studio, saw us and wanted to try it out. “We wanted a dog that people enjoy being around,” says owner Steve. Obedience certainly make a dog much happier and easier to be around, and it wasn’t long before Stanley started with his first DTN program – potty training.

”Stanley has been going to Dog Training Now since about 9 weeks old, starting with puppy potty training,” recalls Steve. After a successful potty training program, it was a natural decision to enroll Stanley in our day training program. “All the Trainers are rockstars,” says Steve. “What we liked most is knowing Stanley liked all the trainers and enjoyed going.”

Steve and Felicia were pleasantly surprised to see Stanley picking up the commands he was learning at the studio and began practicing at home as well. “We work on his commands at least once a day when we are walking,” says Steve. “His leash manners are amazing for a 6 month old bulldog.”

We love having Stanley as a part of our Dog Training Now alumni, and love knowing that he is living his best life at home. We hear from his owners that Stanley can be snoring so loud on his back when everyone is speaking normally, but whispering the word “treat” will get his immediate attention. Funny how that works, huh?

Wondering how you can get your puppy on the path to obedience? We have a comprehensive plan for your whole family that includes programs such as Puppy Preschool for socialization and confidence building, potty training, and day training options. Give us a call to set up a consultation so that you can be the proud owners of a happy and obedient dog, just like Stanley.