Halloween is approaching, which means your doorbell will be getting a work out from neighborhood kiddos looking for a sweet treat. It is fun passing out candy and saying hello to neighbors, but if your dog isn’t well trained, Halloween can quickly become one of your home’s more stressful holidays. Here are a few ways you can prepare your dog now to be a good host when October 31 rolls around.

Practice Place
One of our favorite commands to teach, and to use, is Place. Using this command can save your sanity during busy Halloween trick or treating times. When the doorbell rings, put your dog on his Place before you walk over to answer the door. With your dog on Place, you don’t’ have to worry about him running out the door or scaring visitors by lunging towards them to give a friendly sniff. Your dog stays safe and your visitors do as well, all thanks to Place.

Leash Up
Halloween can be an odd holiday for dogs, especially since visitors at the door are dressed up as ghosts, princesses, and super heroes. Masks and other costume accessories can make your dog confused, worried, or even skittish. To prevent any unsafe behavior, keep your dog on a leash during Halloween trick or treat hours. This extra precaution not only keeps your dog nearby and in your control, being near you can also make your dog feel more confident in this ghoulish situation.

Protect and Praise
Your friendly visitors may want to give some attention to your dog. Do your best to protect your dog from any unwanted advances or touching. Instead, praise your dog with lots of “good boy” statements and pets once the door has been closed.

If you are worried about your dog handling Halloween, or if you would love to learn more about how to teach your dog Place when visitors come to the door at any time of year, the team at Dog Training Now is ready to give you quick results that stick. Give us a call to set up a consultation and get you – and your dog – on the path to obedience.