November officially marks the beginning of the holiday hustle and bustle. If you are hosting Thanksgiving at your home, for family or for friends, you are likely spending the next few weeks cleaning, grocery shopping, and preparing your home for the big feast. As you continue your Thanksgiving tasks, be sure that you are taking time to give your dog his own Thanksgiving Place.

No, your pooch doesn’t need a place card or placemat. Instead, he needs a Place to keep your event safe and chaos-free. Our Place command, taught in our Day Training and Boot Camp programs, gives Fido a designated area. Our Trainers teach a two-paw rule, meaning your dog is obeying Place if he has at least two paws on his spot.

Why is Place so great at Thanksgiving? Here are just a few reasons how this command can make your dinner even better.

Place brings safety
Having an excited dog running around underfoot can get a bit dangerous when you are walking around with huge, hot plates of food. Knowing where your dog is, and that he is safe on Place, can keep worrying about tripping at bay.

Giving a Place command can also keep your dog safe. Sometimes, visitors don’t know how to appropriately act around your dog. In these cases, keeping Place near you can assure you are watching interactions and prompting visitors for positive behavior.

Place brings peace
Does your dog beg, or simply stare at people at the table until they relent and pass a piece of turkey? Keeping Fido on Place can assure that he won’t be begging, or annoying, any of your guests during dinner. You can also be sure that well meaning guests aren’t sneaking him any food the he shouldn’t be having.

Place brings practice
Putting your dog on Place throughout Thanksgiving festivities is a great way to give him a mental challenge on an otherwise busy day. Holding Place, even though it offers more freedom than a Down Stay, requires your dog to pay attention during a distracting environment. A challenged dog is a happy dog, and Place is the perfect way to make it happen during the holidays.

Does your dog need to learn, or brush up on, the Place command? We would love to meet you during a free consultation and learn about your dog. Give us a call to get started!