Peppermint mochas in coffee shops and twinkling lights on your neighbor’s house can only mean one thing – the holiday season is here! Whether your love the shopping hustle and bustle, or if you prefer to do your shopping online and in your pajamas, we have got you covered when it comes to your dog. Our Trainers love giving ideas for our holiday gift guide each year, and this year is no different. Take a look at what our Trainers are loving this season.

Tug Toys
Trainer Chris loves incorporating tugging into his training sessions, and we have deemed him our studio’s tug master. It was no surprise, then, that his recommendation this holiday season are tug toys from Redline K9. He especially loves tug toys with two handles that allow for better control.

Trainer Marcus recommends a staple here in the Dog Training Now studio – deer antlers. We love that they are safe and durable, and our dogs love them too. Antlers are good for your dog to chew on at any time, but we tend to give them to our dogs while they are on Place. It’s a special treat for them to enjoy while they are hanging out on Place, and you can replicate this rule at home as well. Looking for antlers? We’ve got you covered – swing by the studio to choose a size at the front desk.

Trainer Amy loves Kong toys. These puzzle toys are durable and her dogs, Halas and Madison, especially love when she stuffs the Kongs with yogurt. Amy freezes the yogurt inside the Kongs before giving them to her eager dogs, as the frozen option makes the experience last longer.

Tennis Balls
Trainer Matt knows that sometimes the best gift for a dog is an oldie, but a goodie. Tennis balls are a great gift to pass along to your dog; it encourages exercise and a good game of fetch can be a bonding experience for you to enjoy together. When it comes to choosing a tennis ball, resist the urge to pick up the cheap ones from the pet store. Instead, hit the sporting goods section and pick up a three pack of Penn balls. These tend to be much more sturdy and safe. You can also pick up balls from Chuck-It or Hyperpet to be sure your dog won’t destroy the ball within just a few catches.

Durable Chews
Trainer Dan knows that chew toys are only as safe as they are durable. Hyperpet Hyperchews are easily his favorite, and his own dogs have several that have lasted for years. This is no small feat, as his dogs are experts at destroying toys within minutes!

Better Fetch
Trainer Melissa loves playing fetch with her two energetic dogs, Jiffy and Corsa. She doesn’t love, though, tossing a tennis ball far for hours at a time. Once she found the Chuck-It ball launcher, she knew it was the perfect product for her family. She loves that it launches the ball far, and that it is easy to toss in the car for trips to the park or beach.

Check In Systems
If you are considering investing in an interactive pet monitoring system, this may be the best time of year to do it. There are many different options and price points available now, and Trainers Dan and Melissa love using theirs to check in on Jiffy and Corsa when out of the house.

DTN Gift Certificates
If you are looking for time in our studio for our training programs or our graduate offerings, consider asking Santa for a gift certificate for our studio. We would love to make your holidays a bit brighter with a well behaved dog in 2018.

Happy shopping!