Dog Training Now alumni dogs and owners are our favorites. Our Trainers devote so much time and attention to each of the dogs in our programs, and we cannot help but feel proud of how far the dogs (and their owners) come by the time graduation day arrives. For years, we have struggled to find a consistent way to reconnect to our alumni once they have completed our training programs while still offering a valuable service to the owners.

Our Graduate Refresher Training programs are perfect for all of our alumni. A mix of practice and socialization, our Graduate Refresher Training programs will meet your needs. Don’t believe us? Here are just a few reasons why you should call us to set up your next visit.

Practice makes (more) perfect.
During their time in the studio, your dog gets the chance to brush up on the commands he learned during Day Training or Boot Camp. Practice makes perfect, and your dog will love the extra challenge. You’ll love the improved behavior at home, and you will be proud when you see your dog as the model for our new trainee dogs!

We are serious about socialization.
A well socialized dog is a confident and safe dog. If your dog spends most of his time at home with you, he may begin to feel a bit skittish around strangers or may forget good manners with other dogs. In the studio, your dog will have multiple chances throughout the day to socialize with dogs and humans of all ages, making for a more confident demeanor at home.

Distractions are best.
Practicing obedience commands at home is much less challenging than practicing them in our busy studio. Your dog will have the chance to stretch his endurance and concentration throughout the time in Graduate Refresher Training programs, making behaving at home a piece of cake.

We can help with your dog’s quirks.
Is your dog barking more than usual? Acting strange around new visitors? Every dog has its own set of quirks, and our Trainers can help you through it. Our time together in Graduate Refresher Training helps us get to know what is going on at home, and we are able to give sound advice on how to navigate it with your dog.

We miss you!
C’mon – you must miss us too, right? Our Graduate Refresher Training programs give us the chance to check in with one another. Everyone benefits from seeing an old friend!

Give us a call to set up your Boarding Academy or Training Academy dates today. We can’t wait to see you again!