Every year, the month of January is designated National Train your Dog Month!  At Dog Training Now, we look forward to training and working with dogs every day.  Training is one of the most important contributors to your dog’s quality of life.  We’ve all seen them: the dog pulling down the street towards the busy intersection with a frustrated owner attached to the other end of the leash desperately trying to stop them; the dog darting out of the house with a desperate owner frantically calling them; the dog chasing another dog at the park with their hackles up. Aside from preventing these frustrating situations, there are many benefits to a well-trained dog.

Training Builds Your Dog’s Confidence

Here at Dog Training Now, we see it often… a dog comes in anxious with their new surroundings and not quite sure what to do with themselves. As our trainers begin to set expectations and work our way through our program, they gradually gain confidence in themselves. The more you work through commands and teach them, the more they realize ‘I CAN do this!’ As they gain confidence, they are much more likely to enjoy new situations and learn how to respond appropriately.

Training Creates a Stronger Bond With Your Dog

The process of bonding with your dog begins as soon as you bring them home. To build a bond with them, you must spend time with them and do things together.  Nothing inhibits that progress like constant frustration from the owner and constant confusion from the dog.  The more you invest in each other, the more respect and trust is formed.  This creates that famous man’s best friend bond.

Training = Effective Communication

Dogs aim to please.  All your furry family member wants is to make you happy and for you to be proud of them. As we often tell our clients, the commands we teach are a means to an end.  A well mannered dog that is a great member of your household is the goal, but the commands are a way to get there.  Proper training teaches both you and your dog a way to effectively communicate your expectations to each other.

Training Could Save Your Dog’s Life

Training can and does save dog lives every day.  Coming when called can prevent them from bolting and running away should they get out.  It can prevent fights should an unknown dog approach yours in an aggressive manner.  It can safely get them back to you in all sorts of situations.  As an example, a few years back, Dog Training Now owners were out hiking in the mountains of North Carolina with our two dogs, Jiffy and Corsa.  Shortly after stopping at an overview point at the peak of a mountain on the Appalachian Trail, while looking out at the stunning view, Corsa, who is too brave for her own good, had decided to slip around the fence to get a better view by walking out onto the ledge of a cliff with a huge drop.  Immediately, we gave her a ‘STOP’ command, and she froze, allowing us to reach over the fence and lift her back to safety.  Had she not been trained and continued on without listening, we easily could have lost her that day at the top of a mountain. Training prevented the worst from happening.

Are you not sure where to begin with training? Don’t worry, we were all beginners at some point, and we’re here to help! Check out our Training Programs or give us a call at 847-836-2111 or email us at info@dogtrainingnow.com for more info on training today!