For puppy owners, consistency is key to keeping your sanity. After all, puppies are equal parts cute and difficult. However, there can be some benefits to you and to your new puppy by going on a trip together. With some advanced planning and extra patience, your puppy can learn throughout your trip and return home as a well-balanced pup.

Don’t believe us? Here are just a few benefits of traveling with your puppy.

Extra Socialization
We are firm believers in the importance of socialization for puppies. In fact, this socialization is a key component of our Puppy Preschool. Traveling with your new puppy allows for the chance to meet new people during your trip, rest area bathroom breaks, and at your destination. Allow your puppy to be held and petted by new faces of all ages and abilities. The more your puppy is socialized and touched, the more balanced and friendly they will be as they grow.

New Sights and Sounds
A trip in a car, plane, or train offers plenty of new sights, sounds, and smells for your puppy. Exposure to these new experiences builds curiosity and confidence in your puppy. The more confident your puppy is, the more prepared they are to deal with new sights and sounds as an adult without being afraid or skittish. Praise your pup as they approach new sights and sounds, giving lots of love and pets to show them that curiosity is okay.

Increased Flexibility
Trips usually include new schedules and new places, which can throw a wrench in your usual puppy routine. While we value and encourage routine with all our dogs, a break in routine can also encourage flexibility into your puppy. These changes in schedule can show your pup that you will still meet their needs, no matter what.

Increased Concentration
If you are able to sneak in leash work and command practice during your rest stop breaks or at your destination, you are working on more than just commands – you are also working on your pup’s concentration. It’s hard to pay attention during new situations and if your puppy has practice during these stimulating situations, they are building up their concentration which can assist you with obedience later.

If you have a puppy and are looking for more information on raising a happy and healthy pup, give us a call to sign up for our Puppy Preschool. We offer the best preschool program in the area – you will learn alongside your puppy!