. If you are considering hitting the road with your furry best friend, whether for the first time or the fiftieth, remember to prepare for safety, relaxation, and fun.

Here are just a few of our favorite travel “must-haves” for our dogs. While not all are good for all dogs, it is a great list to start with when planning and packing for your upcoming trip.

Collapsible Kennel
Keeping your dog safe in the car, especially for longer road trips, means giving them a contained space. Instead of toting your metal or hard plastic kennel from the car to the hotel and back again, consider this soft pop-up kennel or something similar. It’s a great place to keep your dog safe in the car as well as once you arrive at your destination.

A Busy Toy
Long car trips or new places can make some dogs bored or anxious. Fight these restless feelings by offering a busy toy such as a Kong smeared with peanut butter or a treat dispensing toy. These toys can keep bored pups from shuffling about your car, their kennel, or in the hotel room.

A Long Leash
If your dog was trained through our Day Training or Boot Camp programs, they were taught on a long and short line during their time here. When you travel, keep your dog on their normal short leash, but pack your long leash to use as your dog explores the new hotel room or area. This long leash work encourages your dog to safely explore while you maintain control.

Food and Treats
Don’t forget to pack food and treats for your canine traveling companion! This isn’t a good time to experiment with new food or to try new treats – stick with your dog’s usual favorites. If you buy a new treat, bring it home before you try it out. There’s nothing worse than a sick dog on vacation.

Does the thought of traveling with your dog stress you out because of their poor behavior? Our team of Trainers is well versed in creating excellent dog travelers. If you have an upcoming car, plane, or train trip that we can help your dog prepare for, give us a call! If you would rather travel without your furry friend, we can provide you with exceptional Board and Train care, so that you return to a well behaved and obedient dog.