If you are like many of us here in the studio, you are already getting in a summer state of mind. Warmer temperatures have us taking our training sessions outdoors more often, and stretching our usual walks with the dogs a few blocks farther. If you are feeling the shifting season as well, you may be looking to gather up ideas for fun ideas for your family. Here are a few of our favorite ideas for summer adventures to experience with your family and dog!

Take a trip together

Traveling with your dog can be a fun way to make memories, and your pooch can make a lovely travel companion. If you are considering hitting the road for a day trip or for the weekend, be sure you pack the essentials for your dog and stay flexible.

We are lucky enough to live in an area where there are plenty of dog friendly trails within driving distance that your whole family will enjoy. Starved Rock and Matthiessen State Parks are right next to one another, and each give your family the chance to explore and even get your toes wet. Chain o Lakes State Park and Kettle Moraine Recreation Area near the Wisconsin border are also well worth the drive. Pack a lunch, water, and your leash to enjoy these local areas.

Shake up your walking routine

With the kids home from school for summer break, you may find that your usual walks with your dog are a bit different than through the school year. Consider this a chance to shake up your walking routine; your dog will appreciate the change and you will too. Try new routes throughout your neighborhood or new times of day before the weather gets too hot or the house gets too busy.

For older kids, consider transferring responsibility for one walk per day. Your dog will benefit from having a new handler for their walk, and you can encourage your child to practice tricks and obedience commands during their walk time together. Our Trainers can help out with any leash manners or brush up command practice during our Day Training or Academy programs, so be sure to let us set up your child and dog for success. For younger kiddos, invite them along on your walks with the dog. The distraction is great practice for your dog and everyone benefits from the extra physical activity.

Brush up on obedience

The extra daylight and free time that summer brings can be the perfect time to brush up on obedience practice. Consider adding in command practice with your dog during your daily routine and in our studio. We love when our Alumni dogs come in for brush up practice with our Trainers! Not only do we get the chance to catch up on what’s happening with your family, we also get to work with your dog again. You’ll be amazed what a few days worth of brush up can do for your dog’s obedience, and you’ll love when he comes home happy (and exhausted) after a busy day of practice and play.

This summer, be sure to take your dog on plenty of family adventures. There are memories to be made! We hope to see you and your family soon here in the studio as well.