Do you have a dog that you love but think that he’s just not able to be trained? If you’ve tried other techniques, or even other local trainers, with no lasting results, it is easy to think that your dog is simply untrainable. However, here at Dog Training Now, we believe that any dog can be trained to obey with a bit of patience, practice, and consistency. Here are just a few dogs that certainly can be trained to obey commands and to have good leash manners:

Young Dogs, Old Dogs, and Every Age In Between Dogs
Our Puppy Preschool program is perfect for young dogs and focuses more on confidence building and socialization, skills that will be foundations for a well behaved and happy dog. We happily train dogs as young as 5 months old in our Day Training or Boot Camp program, and find that young dogs are able to focus and learn our commands.

As for old dogs, we have success with them too! It isn’t true that old dogs can’t learn new tricks, and we love watching families have an entirely new relationship with their dog once obedience is a part of the picture. No matter the age of your dog, we are ready to train them – and you!

Hyper Dogs and Lazy Dogs

We have success training both ends of the active spectrum – from hyper to lazy and every personality in between. Hyper dogs often do well with training because it gives them a way to focus their energy. Even the most energetic dogs often return home in the evening exhausted and ready for some relaxation.

As for dogs that are – ahem – less energetic, our Trainers work to find how to motivate them for success in obedience. Even the most unenthusiastic dogs can feel rewarded during training at our studio.

Barking Dogs, Chewing Dogs, Food Stealing Dogs

Sometimes, owners come into the studio for a consultation feeling like their dog is the most mischievous and misbehaving dog in the Chicagoland area. We love taking on dogs that have different behaviors, because the transformation after a few weeks of training with us is even more pronounced. Dogs that misbehave succeed in training, and owners can use obedience commands to deter the behaviors at home.

No matter your situation, we would love to meet with you and get to know your dog. Give us a call to set up a consultation today!