During consultation phone calls and visits to the studio, we often get questions from dog owners if the breed matters when it comes to our training techniques. It is true that different dog breeds share certain characteristics, but individual dogs are as unique as individual humans. All our training programs are suited for all breeds of dogs, and for all owners. But we do have to do a bit of detective work to find out what will work best for your dog and for your family.

Breed Matters…Sometimes

Your dog’s breed certainly is an important part of their personality. Certain breeds are prone to certain behaviors (good and bad). For example, your Golden Retriever may be much more suited to playing fetch than your Yorkshire Terrier. It is important for us to know as much as we can about your dog’s breed so that we can use that information as we get to know your dog. However, the breed of your dog isn’t the only factor that we use to develop a relationship with your dog.

Motivation Matters…All the Time

We love getting to know your dog and breed is a part of that. However, the most important part of working with your dog is knowing his motivation. We work to find out what motivates your dog and how eager he naturally is to please. These personality traits will give us the best guide on how to build a relationship of trust with your dog.

We also take into consideration your family’s home and lifestyle when working with your dog. Our Trainers try to make sure that we are equipping your dog for obedience success in your home; after all, we want your dog to obey at home and not just at the studio!

Our consultation process is the initial step of your relationship with us at Dog Training Now. It is an important part of the puzzle in getting to know your dog, your family, and your expectations. Give us a call to set up your consultation today!