Here at the Dog Training Now studio, we love dogs of all ages. However, there is certainly something extra special about a cuddly puppy. If you find yourself with a puppy, or any dog under the age of 2, this summer, you know that these little furry balls of energy can keep you on your toes.

Curious puppies are learning puppies, which mean that the first few months in your home are especially important as your dog learns boundaries and confidence. However, curious puppies are also magnets for mischief and a bit of danger. This season, assure that you are keeping your pup safe.

Wandering (or Running) Away
The summer season means many of us are spending extra time outside. Taking your puppy to explore the outdoors with you is an excellent idea. He will hear new sounds, see new things, and sniff plenty of new smells that will give him a good baseline for what life is like outside of his kennel and your home.

However, with all that exploration comes the opportunity for a curious puppy to wander away from his owner. When you are outside, assure that your pup is on a leash. When you are in your yard, assure that your pup only runs free if you have a fenced in area that cannot be squeezed through or dug under. Puppies are smart little things and even fences aren’t impervious to a determined pup.

Aggressive Dogs
While most people love puppies, some dogs you may encounter at the dog park or on your neighborhood walk may be more aggressive than necessary. One bad encounter with an aggressive our out of control dog can leave your pup feeling timid and afraid of dogs for years to come, and even lead to bad behaviors like barking or lunging while on a leash.

To be sure that you are avoiding this pitfall for your puppy (and scary situation for yourself), keep your dog safe on a leash. Don’t approach another dog or owner on a walk, and put yourself between the dog and your puppy. No matter how friendly an owner claims their dog to be, you can never be quite sure. Better to play it safe and only socialize your dog with other dogs in a safe environment, like our Puppy Preschool.

And about those dog parks? We often recommend for our owners to keep their dogs on a leash and out of dog parks for safety. Dogs can be unpredictable and you can find ways to exercise your dog’s body and mind without the extra stress of a dog park environment.

Do you have a puppy or young dog that could use some manners or socialization? Our Preschool program and Training programs are excellent options for dogs of all breeds and temperaments. Give us a call to set up a consultation; we’ll make this summer your dog’s best yet!